Sarah Silverman Attacks the Pope: 'Sell the Vatican, Feed the World'

A few years ago, comedienne Sarah Silverman disparaged God on her Comedy Central program by throwing him out of her apartment the morning after having sex with him.

On Friday’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Silverman expounding on her anti-theism by introducing a new video wherein she offered a solution to solve world hunger: “Sell the Vatican, Feed the World.

As she chided the Pope for preaching about living humbly despite residing in a “house that is a city,” she advised him that such a noble deed would absolve him of any guilt he might have over his alleged connections to the Holocaust.

More disgracefully, Silverman said, “If you sell the Vatican, and you take that money, and you use it to feed every single human being on the planet, you will get crazy py*” (video embedded below the fold with partial transcript, h/t Mediaite, vulgarity alert):

Think about it, we need a hero, and who is more primed to be our hero than the Pope? He’s literally a caped crusader. What is the Vatican worth, like 500 billion dollars? This is great, sell the Vatican, take a big chunk of that money, build a gorgeous condominium for you and all your friends to live in, all the amenities, swimming pool, tennis court, waterslide, and with the money left over, feed the whole f**king world.

You preach to live humbly, and I totally agree. So, now maybe it’s time for you to move out of your house that is a city.

On an ego level alone, you will be the biggest hero in the history of ever. And by the way, any involvement in the Holocaust, bygones. …]

The bottom line is this: If you sell the Vatican, and you take that money, and you use it to feed every single human being on the planet, you will get crazy py. All the py. I don’t mean that literally. That might not be your cup of tea. I don’t know what your version of all the py is. But you’ll get all the py. Amen.


*—Noel Sheppard is the Associate Editor of NewsBusters.

Video at source.

So sad. Another vulgar display by one of the Hollywood elite. She should be persuading all of her rich, intellectual friends to donate their millions to feed the poor instead of demanding that from someone who’s already doing it.

Who the heck is Sara Silverman? :confused:

Just a though, but if Jesus was here on Earth today, I could not see him living in the Vatican.



The walls are quite high. I doubt you could see *anybody *living in the Vatican.

That said, where would you see Jesus living?

:confused: The Pope is not supposed to be Jesus, he’s supposed to lead the Church. He cannot do that if he gets his hands dirty doing missionary work all day long. In today’s world the Pope reaches far more people from the Vatican than he ever could in a little country.

Jesus didn’t stick around to lead His Church. He appointed Peter and Peter’s successors to do that. You’re getting the roles confused.

Why, then, by all means, let’s sell it to the bare walls and feed the poor. :rolleyes:

#1.** If you do anything Sarah Silverman or Bill Maher says you are an ignorant fool!

#2. Why don’t these Hollywood Millionaires Sarah and Bill, sell all their possessions?.. still waiting…???

The treasures at the Vatican are primarily priceless works of art by the likes of Masters such as DaVinci, Michelangelo, etc. and are a record of our Catholic heritage.

Would you sell your family pictures for a Big Mac???

Sure we could sell them and everyone could eat for a day or a week or a month, but then, when the money is gone, and everyone is starving again, these beautiful treasures would be in the hands of greedy people like Silverman and Maher, lost forever!

"Now when Jesus was at Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, a woman came up to him with an alabaster flask of very expensive ointment, and she poured it on his head, as he sat at table. But when the disciples saw it, they were indignant, saying, “Why this waste? For this ointment might have been sold for a large sum, and given to the poor.” 0 But Jesus, aware of this, said to them, “Why do you trouble the woman? For she has done a beautiful thing to me. For you always have the poor with you, but you will not always have me.” (Mt 26:6-11)

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


The facts are, the Church is the biggest helper when it comes to charity and helping the poor in the World!

Secondly, even if the Vatican was sold, the poorest people would be sustained for a while and then the money would run out and the people would be poor again! Something else has too change!

Fulton Sheen responded best to all the Sarah Silverman’s of the world.

“Judas became the spokesman of all those who through the centuries would protest the ornamenation of the Christian cult and would feel that, when the best of gold and jewels were given to the God Who made them, there was some slight made to the poor-not because they were interested in the poor, but because they were envious of that wealth.”


I thought he was a movie charactor…

So, all the poor in the world get a value meal, and then … we have to sell some more stuff because they’ll be hungry again in a few hours?

I think we should sell Hollywood and feed the Vatican.

Sarah Silverman and Bill Maher… Is anyone who knows who these people are really surprised?

I love Sarah but she has always had some problems

could you see assignation or kidnapping particularly after the first year when all the money was spent?

And how will he be protected or is the plan to let them kill him and go to war with them a better philosophy?

And what about year 2? Since all the money will be spent in roughly one year.

Hello ljubim;

:confused: The Pope is not supposed to be Jesus, he’s supposed to lead the Church. He cannot do that if he gets his hands dirty doing missionary work all day long. In today’s world the Pope reaches far more people from the Vatican than he ever could in a little country.

Jesus didn’t stick around to lead His Church. He appointed Peter and Peter’s successors to do that. You’re getting the roles confused

Why does the Catholic Church need a grand symbol like the Vatican, when there are a billion people living on less than one and half dollars a day? Are these billion people who go to bed hungry at night going to appreciate the splendour of the Vatican?
[FONT=Trebuchet MS]I understand that there will always be poor people, and selling the Vatican would not solve much of the problem. But it fits in more with yesterdays Gospel, of the rich man being asked to sell his possessions and give it to the poor.


[FONT=Trebuchet MS]
[FONT=Arial]Scholars have taken the trouble to go through the Bible and highlight all the passages that refer to justice for the poor.

**Using the clear Contemporary English Version (CEV) text, it highlights more than 2,000 verses that spell out God’s attitude to poverty and justice. **
I shall be in Jerusalem tomorrow, and I see this troubled place as the centre for Jesus and Christianity, just my own feelings, sorry if I have offended anyone.



I bet we could harangue whoever bought the Pieta into selling it again and getting more money. We could follow it around the globe, shaming each successive buyer until no further buyers could be found. I’ll tell you, though, in today’s real estate market that Sistine Chapel is going to be a hard sell. Shipping charges alone would probably eat up any profit.

Why stop there, though? The Louvre is full o’ stuff! And the MOMA. And the Smithsonian. And whatever warehouse that was at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I challenge Sara Silverman to use the exact same sketch, except she should substitute Mecca for the Vatican, and the Grand Mufti of Medina for the Pope.

Of course, she’s not going to do that, because she knows she’d end up with a fatwa being placed on her head. So she goes for the easy target, Christians, whom she knows won’t retaliate.

Bottom line, she’s just another loud-mouthed coward who will be utterly forgotten within ten years. And the Vatican will still be there.

Well, God bless you Eric and please say a prayer for me in Jerusalem. But, with the greatest respect I have to ask you, just whom do you expect to ‘sell the Vatican?’

It **doesn’t belong to the Pope. Or the cardinals, the bishops, the priests, etc. **

**How can people sell what isn’t theirs to sell?
To whom does it belong? It belongs to all of us, to our ancestors, and to our posterity. We can’t ask those who have died for their ‘fiat’, and we can’t presume to speak for generations to come, and so. . .there is just no way that it can be ‘sold.’

Also, of course, much of the ‘wealth’ would be in things like relics. . .not exactly something that has a high interest rate among those who might go for the ‘art treasures’.

But the bottom line is that “the Vatican” and all the ‘stuff’ which was given ‘to God’ (Ad gloria Dei) over the last 2000 years does not ‘belong’ to the people who administrate and who preside and protect it etc. for God and **all **his people, and it gets very, very tiresome to have to explain, over and over, that it doesn’t. It doesn’t seem that hard a concept to grasp but unfortunately, it seems many just don’t want to hear it.

If we could only get people to understand even that much–that the Pope wandering around in ‘ritzy gold’ doesn’t own the gold, that he wears it (and only at certain ceremonial times and places) as a symbol of his ‘office’ and not of himself, that it was likely donated by someone who made or paid for it precisely as a gesture of love and respect to God above, in being able to ‘do something’ for the Pope. . .and who very likely has also been quietly going around feeding the hungry as well as offering the more ‘seen’ gifts. . .then we might get rid of a feeling which not only permeates the anti-Catholics but even ‘guilts’ some of the less-informed and/or more ‘empathetic’ Catholics. . .that somehow all this ‘should be’ jettisoned.

IF all this ‘wealth’ were owned free and clear by the Pope or any clergy, I’d be the first standing in line to say, “Feed the hungry.” But it’s **not. N-O-T. **Could you imagine asking the president to sell the White House? He doesn’t own it either, or any of the ‘stuff’ inside, the china, the paintings, all the ‘trappings’. But for some reason, people don’t see the Pope as living in the Vatican the way the President does at the White House.

How true! As if Islam would ever be attacked in this way!

Silver Silverman may want to check in her backyard. Independent surveys keep giving the same result when it comes to charity. Religious people are far more likely to volunteer or donate money to charity, than secular people. And atheists who grew up in religious homes are STILL more like to give to charity or volunteer than secular people who grew up in an atheist home! Those are the facts.

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