Sarah Silverman Has Been Canceled

While I appreciate the lack of hypocrisy in the response (nobody is safe),
I do wish people would focus on present actions and transgressions.

Unless your removal and those next in line due to their own controversies will lead to a Republican becoming governor. I’m looking at you Virginia.

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As I read this I think of a similar argument that has been raised for people that have served time in prison for non-violent or victim-less felonies. (possibly influenced by having just finished OITNB). I don’t think that our society is big on having people pay for their transgressions and then letting them be free from them.

Also, I feel ever so more thankful to my mother and an attribute of upbringing. As children, before everyone carried around recording devices or was inclined to dig through ones social media history, she told us to be careful of what we say and do because we never know who might be watching or listening. There was a time when I thought this disposition was just a little paranoid. But looking at it now it may be a good consideration.


The problem is that these actions have for some considerable time been deemed not mistakes but evidence of inherent evil within the person.

It must be nice to decide what is good and what is evil… one’s own actions are good or at least mereerrors, but the actions of others indicate such evil…

Doesn’t seem to me worth firing a person for. But I expect her employers were liberals, so among them there must be some level to which one does not go without being fired.

There can be costs to being associated with someone that has negative press. Those costs can be financial, social, or affect other areas.

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Well, there may be more to this than what the article says. But it sounds like she just did the blackface to do some kind of skit condemning racial prejudice. Maybe not.

Or maybe they wanted to let her go for other reasons, her star is not a bright as it used to be.

No body doubts her progressive ideals and comedians are allowed some additional leeway.

She is another comedian, along with Kathy Griffin, who I am not a fan of. I don’t care for their comedy so I
won’t be losing any sleep over Sarah’s firing.

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Pulitzer Prize and Emmy-winning photojournalist Barbara Davidson has been booted from the Canon Explorers of Light program after an insensitive tweet aimed at Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro sparked outrage on social media.

In the tweet that kicked off the controversy, Davidson mocked the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for not being able to speak Spanish. “You can’t even speak Spanish and you were born and raised in Texas,” read her initial Tweet. “That speaks volumes.”

Castro responded, quoting Davidson’s tweet and asking her “What do you think it says?” which led to immediate backlash from the Latinx community and beyond. The tweet was called out as misguided at best and racist at worst, and people began tagging Canon demanding Davidson be removed as an ambassador.

“Righteous intolerance” strikes again.

“Latinx” is the Latino LGBT community.
What dog do they have in this fight?

I always assumed Latinx was the result of the “misgendering” nonsense, not specifically LGBT. You cant say Latino or Latina because that is “gendered” language which apparently you cannot assume anymore because people have lost their minds. Complete Nonsense!

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I understand Latinx to be the gender neutral substitute for Latinas(feminine) and Latino(masculine). It isn’t a statement about someone’s sexuality or their gender identity. It would be similar to saying “People” instead of “men and women.” Though the person to which the statement was directed has been an advocate of LGBT rights.

From her comment to the site when they reached out to Barbara about this.

If what she said is true there could have been financial costs if they remained associated with her. Not having a connection with Canon’s leadership I can only share my own speculation on the matter. But I think this was more motivated by them making a business decision than making a decision motivated by social justice. But I am inclined to think that about most large businesses reacting.

By that reason we need to redo all the Spanish language.

Lx — La (“the” feminine)
Ex — El (“the” masculine)
Doctorx — Doctor/Doctora
Enfermerx — Enfermero/Enfermera (Nurse)
Escuelx — Escuela (School)
Presidentx — Presidente/Presidenta
Sofx — Sofa
Mexicx — Mexico
Guetemalx — Guatemala

You get the point.

Would anyone even know who she is if she did not do outrageous things? I don’t think so.

No. I think you miss the point entirely.

The last good thing she did was an episode of Star Trek: Voyager starring Ed Begley Jr. some time in season 3, IIRC. It’s been downhill since that.

Afraid not. It isnt uncommon when referring to a collection of people of both sexes to only use the masculine form of the word, Latinos. This is like referring to a collection of humans of both sexes as “men.” Rather than do this Latinx may be used as it is gender neutral.

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The term Womxn is an alternative term for the English language word women which has been regularly in use since 2015 to explicitly include transgender women and women of color.

The term was first seen around 2004, predominantly online, among intersectional advocacy groups combining the identity politics of race and gender.

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