Sarah silverman?

who is she?

i was just looking at what is on tv and I see she has some show on showtime (which we are getting for free-i would never pay for it!) called “Jesus is magic”


i wont tune in because I can already tell it is blasphemous

is it not?


No idea.

But from what I know of her I’m very unimpressed for other reasons - she wrote a song about sleeping with Matt Damon (of course she used much more vulgar and explicit lyrics) as a ‘joke’ on her ex-boyfriend.

Shame on Matt, as a married man and father, he appeared in the clip and sang all those vulgarities right along with her. :tsktsk:

Shows poor judgement and lack of morals from all concerned.

She;s a Jewish comedian who uses a lot of vulgarity and pokes fun at Jesus quite often. I can’t watch her without being offended. If she’s on t.v., I turn the channel as fast as I can.

She is disgusting. Worse than Rosie O., if that is possible.

Haha, that was hilarious.

To someone who has the sense of humour of a sub-five year old, maybe.

Again, what the heck was Matt doing in the clip though? If I were his wife he’d be on the kerb in a heartbeat, I don’t care how ‘hilarious’ he thought he was being.

He and Sarah both owe more respect to his wife and child than that rubbish.

I guess that makes members of the Emmy voting committee sub-five year olds, haha. :smiley:

Let’s not forget that Rosie O’Donnell won *several *Emmys, so that in itself isn’t much of a recommendation, just as winning an Oscar or especially a Grammy is no guarantee of superiority.

Watching TV for quality is like trolling a sewer looking for jewelry–it may be in there someplace, but you have to go through an awful lot of nasty stuff to find it.

Yes, they certainly are emotionally underdeveloped and spiritually disposed to reject morality. Those with properly formed consciences have recognized these kinds of problems for some time.

Very little jewelry to be found, though. Some will complain about EWTN, but it stands as one of the best if not the best thing commonly found on television.

The web site is very good, well worth a premium subscription. I really enjoy it, and my wife says Michael Voris would be like a twin brother to me, as we are pretty close on just about everything I we see there.

Actually, I despise Sarah Silverman, but I loved that Matt Daman clip. I thought it was funny, and if I were his wife, I probably would have laughed. I mean, obviously, it was a joke. No one would believe they were really having an affair.

Sure it’s a joke but it’s an incredibly disrespectful one.

That pretty much goes without saying.

I guess it depends on someone’s personality, and what they would be upset with. I am assuming he knew his wife would not be offended and would have thought it was funny (like me), so I’m guessing she didn’t feel disrespected.

And some women are colour blind. Does the fact that they don’t see the green traffic lights as being green, or the red as red, mean that they aren’t so? Of course not, and if such a woman persists in believing that her perception is reality she’s going to get into a lot of trouble because others will see what she doesn’t.

Your feelings are only one part - and the least important part at that - of such an equation.

Sarah Silverman is a very emotionally and mentally ill woman! Or just plain disgusting!

She not only insults Jesus, but also has no respect for people of other races and ethnicities. She has a horrible folk-pop song about certain ethnicities needing baths, loving money, etc. She was in trouble with the Asian American community for making a racist “joke” on TV.

She jokes about Holocaust victims, rape survivors, etc.


She is what you would call, “Culturally Jewish.” I saw her admit it on Bill Maher.

She is disgusting, has a sense of humour that is below the toilet bowl, and it’s not even funny (she got FIRED from Saturday Night Live), slept her way to the top (she helped to break up Jimmy Kimmel’s marriage) and I think she also has family in the biz.

You’re not missing much of anything.

Well, sometimes funny offends people. Sometimes it make people laugh. Sometimes the same joke can make one person laugh and offend someone else. The offended one can switch the channel. That’s the beauty of that dial. :wink:

Didn’t know she broke up Kimmel’s marriage. All I know is that he was the reason she was wearing a Saint Christopher medal. Her sister is a rabbi.

Yep! Completely agree! I see absolutely NOTHING funny about her. I have ex-coworkers who thought she was hilarious. But then again, said ex-coworker has a sense of humour that’s pretty much in the toilet.

Well, I believe he was still married when they first hooked up. Right now, I’m too lazy to Google that information. :o

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