I’ve been known to have a sarcastic, cyncial sense of humor. I tend to say mean remarks and insults, but without meaning them. Most people understand and laugh at my jokes. Time to time I practice stand-up comedy (although I have never performed).

However, I’m starting to question the morality in which I do things. Some people really do think I’m mean-spirited. One person went as far as calling me “Satan”, not in an angry manner, but joking. but, that really did impact me.

And some people say mean things back at me, and it ends up I usually get hurt by it. and they mean it sometimes. I guess how you ask is how you receive.

Most of my friends enjoy it. They know I’m not inherently a mean person.

Earlier today I asked my former English teacher help on deciding a senior quote.

I brought it down to 2:

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” - Mother Teresa


“Don’t be so humble, you’re just not that great.” - Golda Meir

My teacher loved the second one, he said it sounded like me. He went on further to say “I don’t really see you as someone like Mother Teresa.”

I really thought he would like the mother teresa quote since it’s so much more profound.

Anyway, am I really disobeying God’s commandments and really not acting like a Christian?




It is so easy to be cutting and clever. People laugh. They think you are cool. Been there, done that.

I keep trying to imagine the God of the universe deigning “to be born in the likeness of men”, and I am humbled by it. Makes me realize that by making myself “great” by making my brethren “little”, I have gained nothing.

I know that it’s your “in”, I did it, too. Try and imagine Benedict, Scolastica, Francesco, Clair, Mother Teresa or our Blessed Mother doing it.

You are a good person, or it wouldn’t bother you. Fight it now, or you will fight it the rest of your life. I promise people (not everyone, but who cares really?) will love the change.

You are in my prayers.


Thank you. You brought wonderful points. The change will be very difficult.

However, can I be sarcastic, ever?

Comedy is one of my passions, and I really love making people laugh. I am an Asian girl, and I really want to prove that Asian women can have a great sense of humor too.

Is comedy and humor still possible?



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