Sasha and Malia Obama Wore $20K Dresses to the Canada State Dinner


It’s good to be the King.


I suspect these gowns were donated by the designer to get some publicity. The Left used to take great joy in criticizing Nancy Reagan for doing the same thing. On a scale of 1 to 10 of things we should be concerned about this is about a -5


They get a stipend from the government anything above that they pay for themselves or it gets donated. This is a non-issue


Who cares. They can afford it.


It’s not worth 18K if it didn’t sell. Assigning monetary value to stuff like this is difficult, even after someone famous wears it.



It’s been mentioned that Mrs. Obama purchase her own clothes (and she really isn’t so extravagant, many of her items are from stores you find in a mall like J Crew or White House Black Market.)

Special occasion dresses are often donated by a designer, and then archived in the National Archives.

It’s not like they get to keep them.:shrug:

I thought they looked lovely.




The real issue is that Obama routinely attacks pretty much everyone whom he feels to be in the "1%,” the "3%,” or, when convenient, anyone earning a 6-figure income. But then the family lives a lifestyle - ostentatiously so (see: separate jets when going to the same place) Louis XIV couldn’t have dreamt of, much of which, dresses possibly aside, we pay for.


Beautiful dresses.


I posted it because I think it is a useful illustration to demonstrate how out of touch the elite of both parties is with the people they ostensibly represent. It goes a long way to explaining the appeal of Sanders and Trump.


I don’t think this is the kind of thing people are concerned about. They’re concerned about their jobs, feeding and clothing their families, health care, making a living wage, etc. The Obamas can wear what they want. They can afford it, and the dresses were probably donated by the designers for the publicity they got. Look at all the expensive clothes Nancy Reagan wore and all her re-decorating of the White House. It’s really irrelevant.


I doubt if Trump is wearing a suit he got from the Salvation Army thrift store.


I do suspect they might get tired of hearing about how they need to cut back and conserve to save the planet from people who live in a fashion that would make Louis XVI say, “Whoah!”

Trump doesn’t live at taxpayer expense.


Exactly–19 trillion in debt versus the cost of their dresses, which as you say might have been donated. It is this constant worrying about things that make no difference that leads us into so many problems.


Neither were the the dresses Sasha and Malia wore charged to the taxpayer.


I don’t care if they were. Just a couple guppies swimming in an ocean of 19-trillion gallons of debt.


It would have been a nice gesture, though, if they had worn off-the-rack-but-nice clothing. I suppose affairs of state are now different, but one remembers Harry Truman buying his own stamps for his correspondence, and Benjamin Franklin wearing a coonskin cap at the opulent Court of Versailled. Seems we’ve lost some of the egalitarianism that once characterized Americans and America.

And, of course, it’s not only the Obamas who have morphed into semi-royalty in this country.


I agree.

I don’t care who paid for the dresses. I don’t care who wore them. I don’t care if they were donated or not. No one needs to wear a 20k dress. It’s ridiculous. Please, don’t tell me it’s okay if you can afford it. It’s not.


The Presidency is considered near-royalty today by a great many. That began with JFK and has not really stopped since. The idea that a President is a servant of the people is long gone. It will be no different with Hillary or Trump–they are both quite used to high-level living.


True story-in the 1850s a US ambassador to Britain went to a party and found they had hung a portrait of George Washington in the restroom. They looked expectantly at him when he came out and he told them it was very appropriate to put his picture in there since the British s**t everytime they think about George Washington

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