Saskatchewan Marriage Commissioner Sues Over Requirement to Perform Same-Sex "Marriages"

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski PRINCE ALBERT, Sask., November 27, 2008 ( - Marriage Commissioner Orville Nichols is suing the Saskatchewan government after being fined $2,500 by a Saskatchewan human rights tribunal for refusing to perform a same-sex “marriage.” Mr. Nichols…

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Mr. Nichols is in a government position, paid by the government to do the government’s work. The Canadian government does not disallow same-sex couples from marrying - if Mr. Nichols doesn’t feel that he morally can officiate marriages to same-sex couples, maybe he should find a job somewhere else.

So condone grave sin or lose your job?

Where does it stop? No marriage for Catholics outside the church, no medical profession for Catholics, no pharmacy workers for Catholics.

Soon, Catholics won’t be able to adopt because we don’t agree with a gravely sinful lifestyle.

The belief that sexuality is a state of being rather than a moral action has become a modern tyranny against the Gospel and chastity. It’s not new. Any sort of illicit sex has always been the wrong choice throughout history, but now it’s the sin that’s not a sin anymore. And if you do not agree, get out of society.


Agreed. At some point, me must stand up to the perversions crammed down our throats by the liberals. If this means openly opposing and disobeying man-made “positive laws” that are diametrically opposed to Gods “Natural Law”, so be it.

These “positive laws” must be crushed and the people that make them must be removed from any influence in society.

Let’s apply this logic to another situation:

Mr. Smith is in a government position, paid by the government to do the government’s work. The Nazi government does not disallow Nazi officers from killing Jews - if Mr. Smith doesn’t feel that he morally can kill Jews, maybe he should find a job somewhere else.

I believe that this situation is going to come to the USA in the not tooo distant future. :mad: Those that vote for “marriage” rights are not going to stop pushing the envelope.:eek:

They want what they want (sort of like a very young child) and everyone else rights be d****.:mad: .

Since even a compromise is never good enough (finding someone for them that will do the ceremony happily) and only money for their feelings being hurt seems to satisfy them. We need to fight them all the harder or we won’t have any right to conscience left to us.

You beat me to it.

I’m curious how similar this case is to a judge refusing to grant divorces, since it is contrary his Catholic beliefs.

Not too similar since divorce is allowed by the Catholic church. :confused:

And judges are allowed to recuse themselves if they perceive a personal conflict.

The Catholic Church allows for civil divorce whether the judge is Catholic is irrrelevant. Real marriage can never be disolved! This is not a Catholic made law but one given to us by God and is upheld within the Catholic Church.

The Judge has every right to recuse himself in this instance as should anyone who feels they can not perform a duty. There are plenty others marriage commisioners who can perform this duty without it affecting their consience just as there are many other judges.


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