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I have gone to the Steubenville conference four times before this incident. The fifth time I went was terrifying after I came back. A friend of mine who went with me to Stuebenville became possesed by a demon named Belial. He became possesed exactly at 3 am. I went to see him, and, hopefully, try to help him. Somehow, I ended up trying to exorcise the demon out of my friend. I thought I succeded. The next week, I brought my friend to a priest to make sure Belial was gone. The demon was still there, hiding inside of him. I had failed miserably on the exorcism, and it obviously wasn’t my place to try, i guess. My friend was exorcised by the priest after one week. The month after that, I began seeing things people usually don’t see. In broad daylight, I saw figures lurking around me. At night, it was the same story. I went to Bishop Robert Muench in Baton Rouge, but he said I was fine. The week after, these things went away for good. But, still, I like I’ve lost something from God. It’s almost as if I feel guilty of something.

Could what I be feeling have something to do with the demon, Belial, or am I just afraid of something? Please help me out, because I’m running out of ideas.

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Pray and trust in God, and frequent the sacraments. Pay no attention to fear or dread - it is Satan trying to discourage you from prayer, trusting in God, and recieving the sacraments.


Trust your Bishop - he is much better able to discern these things than you.

And in future never try to exorcise a demon yourself, just call the diocesan office and get a referral to a priest who is experienced in exorcism.


((((StMaryPray4Us)))))…Bless your heart ((Ben))) for being there for your friend…I want to urge you to lose the fear,never speak or give a name to these lower entities…they feed on fear,anger, turmoil and recognition-you give them power by doing so…focus instead on God’s Love and light around you and call on St Michael in Jesus’ name to intervene…you did right by taking it higher to to the Priest and your Bishop…but let it go now and think of it no more… you have not lost anything with God- your attention was just diverted and THAT is what you have to refocus on…visualize God’s Love and Light around you- ask the angels through God’s Love and mercy to act as gatekeepers and then TRUST you are in good hands …God Bless


You challenged the demon and in doing so you could not fight back when he attacked you for interfering in his work. This is not something to mess with. That was a warning not to try and exorcise them because God has not given you any power or authority over them. Be on alert and pray to St Michael to watch over you.


Stay away from Satan and demons. Pray to Jesus Christ to deal with them, not you. Forget them. If they bother you and your friend, tell them to move along and don’t think of them. Both of you pray, meditate, do good works, receive communion frequently, pray and fast more than what is mandatory. Pray to St. Michael.
Ultimately, learn to laugh at Satan and the demons. Read C.S. Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters”. Minimize the power of old scratch and his motley crew. Leave them all to Jesus who has power over them .:wink:


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