Satan of the Mormon church

Question for everyone who doesn’t agree that Christ is the same Christ in the book of Mormon, or the " Quad"

If Christ isn't the same Christ in LDS church, then who is Satan? and how do you know that if its the real Satan or not?  if its not the " real Jesus"

Your question is very confusing. Please rephrase.

I’m not sure what your question is…

I don’t think Mormons worship a different Jesus, which I guess would be professing untruths about the nature of his existence (i.e. Arianism, Monothelitism). I think they pretty much hold true to traditional Protestant ideology. What they profess to believe is that a man named Joseph Smith was visited by an angel of God who told him where to locate golden tablets upon which a prophecy or revelation was written, these tablets were supposedly buried in upstate New York by ancient Egyptians who travled to the Americas. It sounds crazy, but I have to admit I don’t know much about Mormonism. Many people believe that it is now an acceptable fact that Joseph Smith was a conman who led hundreds of settlers to find “paradise”, where they built Salt Lake City. Again, I’m speaking from a place of ignorance on this topic. I’ve only ever read a Wikipedia page on Mormonism. To me, it seems like another radical Protestant sect lead by an egomaniac. Sort of the Scientology of Christian faiths. I don’t mean to offend any Mormon posters we may have, sorry if I have done so.

If you believe in the LDS Jesus, then believing the LDS version of Satan is pretty easy since they believe both are from the same origin.

Correct me if I am wrong but this is how I understand Mormonism 101: According to Mormon “theology” God the Father is actually Adam, who attained perfection and became God of this planet. He came down to earth and had intercourse with the Blessed Mother, and that is how Jesus became the Son of God. Satan is his brother. They do not believe Jesus had two natures. They do not worship Jesus the same way that Catholics and Protestants do. If you are a really good Mormon you will become god of your own planet one day.

Oh wow, so Mormon views of Jesus are totally incongruous with traditional Christian views of Jesus. Those are some big claims they’re making.

I personally believe Mormon theology is better then the Thomas Jefferson Bible.

 But I have to say, my complaint is, that the church being bashed so often by posters or on the radio, it is often ridiculed for the definition of who Jesus is. 

If the Jesus the LDS church members worship is a different Jesus, as the traditional argument is. Then is it the same Satan as the one that the trinitarian Christians wish to stay away from. Or is it a different Satan all together, and on top of that, would all the old prophets be the same too?
I personally don’t like any of the old prophets.

Those are not things that the kids going door to door tell you. They consider that the “meat” of Mormonism and wait awhile after you convert to start telling you these things. Now, as flawed as the theology is some of the nicest people I have ever known are Mormon.

Mormon teachings from their “living prophets” change with the times and fads as one prophet succeeds another. The Mormons believe that a living prophet trumps a dead prophet. So the teachings of the current prophet can be totally inconsistent with the teachings of earlier prophets without causing any intellectual distress among Mormons who have drunk the grape juice.

The “prophet” Brigham Young taught (from the Mormon Tabernacle pulpit in General Conference) that God the Father ( whom he taught was Adam) came to earth from another planet and brought one of his wives (Eve) with him to start the human race on Earth.

Their prophets, until the 1990s, taught that this same God the Father (whom the LDS believe has a humanoid body of flesh and bone, including functional male genitalia) came to Earth to have sexual intercourse with the virgin Mary to produce Jesus.

When Gordon B. Hinckley (formerly head of LDS Church communications [read: propaganda]) became the “prophet” in 1995, he embarked on a campaign to mainstream the LDS Church and make it more palatable to Christians. Hinckley knew that the LDS needed to masquerade as a Christian sect in order to sell itself to unsuspecting potential Christian converts in an internet age.

As a result, the LDS have back-peddled from these controversial positions. A whole generation of LDS has grown up not knowing that the LDS ever taught these things.

This same generation does not know that Joseph Smith was a polygamist who married young teenaged girls (the youngest 14 y.o.) and women who were already married to other men, or that he married a pair of sisters (creepy) and a woman and her daughter (super creepy).

Paul (formerly LDS, now happily Catholic)

Can you point me to a source for these teachings?

Their prophets, until the 1990s, taught that this same God the Father (whom the LDS believe has a humanoid body of flesh and bone, including functional male genitalia) came to Earth to have sexual intercourse with the virgin Mary to produce Jesus.

I grew up in the LDS church, became inactive around 1991. Not once was I ever told these things. From your entire post. So if you can provide links to “Official LDS” literature, on these topics I would like to go review it for myself. Most all speeches were recorded so we should be able to go back and look at them.

Personally, what I remember and I remember most everything, nothing I have learned from my RCIA is much different between “Mormonism” and Catholicism, Adam is the same as is Jesus. Now “if” I’m wrong about this I would like to read about it. I’ve seen this claim, a couple times now here on CAF, and I feel it’s bogus. But by all means prove me wrong.

I’m converting to Catholicism and won’t be offended if you can prove the point.

In the RCIA, btw I think thats great.

I find the issue with the Morman Church is their lack of ability to communicate on their Archaeological history. Which is skeptical to say the least.

Where you taught this below? In the Apostolic Churchs St Mary is the Gate. Jesus Christ is the head of the Church and the HS the HEART.

Heres an issue with the Morman following IMHO to start. A man made religion lacking historical evidence, and if thats not enough placing Joe Smith at the Gate of Heaven? No-one goes to Heaven without Joe Smiths approval?

That said if you ever watch the Journey Home on EWTN you find many converts from all areas including the Mormon. All bring their past with them which has positive points.

From what I understand, in LDS belief, Jesus and Lucifer (Satan) were spirit brothers, that in itself already makes a difference from traditional Christianity, since that makes them pretty much equal. And all are spirit children of heavenly father. I believe, in traditional Christianity, Lucifer is a fallen angel, more along the lines of Michael and Gabriel and nothing like Jesus. Lucifer and all the angels and archangels are created beings. Jesus is fully God and fully Man.

I had never heard this before joining CAF, and even asked my mother who is still active in the LDS faith, about it and she didn’t believe it either. However, thanks for including that link because I was able to look up the quotes and see where exactly they said these things. Honestly I never heard these things before, and can only attribute them to ramblings of people in high office. However because they are not in office scripture, I wouldn’t take it as actual belief unless it was in the KJV, Book of Mormon, or the Doctrine and Covenants. This is just my view on the matter. Not everything that was put out by the LDS church can be said to be scripture and speeches by these men, in my opinion, do not constitute infallible teaching.

But again thanks for including the link, it really helped.

As far as the argument that LDS members believe Adam was God, I still believe that to be a false statement. And I think I can prove it. If Adam were God he could not have transgressed as God is Omniscient. Bye there very Articles of faith they claim Adam transgressed and therefor couldn’t be God. “2. We believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam’s transgression” (,4945,106-1-2-1,FF.html). Now the reason they have this statement is to address Original Sin. I’m sorry, but they do not believe Adam is God. Even if one of the church leaders may have said it in a speech or wrote it in their personal books. It’s not listed in the KJV, Book of Mormon, or Doctrine and Covenants and therefore is not scripture or revealed prophecy. As long as it’s not in those locations then it’s not necessarily their belief.

Why do I feel that I must defend the LDS faith? Mainly because when I see so much negativity toward them, especially when I see something wrong I just want to point it out. How do you devout Catholics feel when someone leaves the Catholic Faith and then start blabbering nonsense about the Real Presence, worshiping Mary or other saints, or about Papal infallibility?

Now I’m not saying LDS don’t have issues, which is why I’m in RCIA and wanting to covert to Catholicism, but things that are so blatantly wrong are why people call them a cult. How do you feel when people call the Catholic Church a cult? Most of their information is skewed or are from sources not considered to be reliable.

I’ve said my peace and will not be dragged into bickering with obviously disgruntled ex-LDS members about what they perceived to be actual LDS faith.

Oh my Jesus,
Forgive us our sins,
Save us from the fires of hell,
Lead all souls to Heaven,
Especially those in most need of Thy mercy.

Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee,
blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.

The BoM isnt the quad…

The quad is just what Mormons call their scriptures if they are all bound together physically in one binding

The Bible, the BoM, the D&C and the Pearl of Great Price= the “quad”

A triple would be the BoM, the D&C , and the PoGP…

I still own both my “quad” and my “triple”

Well said, in my opinion. You are right. No one should purposefully mis-state another’s beliefs in order to form an argument. Even if true, we should not expose information for the purpose of just being hurtful. But I don’t see a lot of that from ex-Mormons on CAF to tell you the truth. They certainly don’t put up with any white washing but from what I have seen they are pretty darn fair.


They believe God used to be a sinful man and Jesus is not part of the Trinity. How is even remotely the same?

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