Satan vs God?


Are there any kinds of miracles that Satan cannot do that God can?


Yea, like create the universe for one…


Satan does not create. He cannot perform miracles. He only deceives and lies. Remember… he makes people believe he doesn’t exist.



Create the universe, have love for someone, create new life, sacrifice himself for the ransom of his followers. Keep in mind that Satan is in hell. There is nothing good there, he never feels good, and will spend eternity in his misery. Revelations foretells his final defeat. So yes, there’s plenty that God can do that Satan cannot.


Satan cannot create anything good, not even a pleasure. He can only obscure the good, imitate the good in order to glamourize evil, or twist the good toward evil ends, including the good gifts of his own angelic existence, power and intelligence.

There is nothing lacking, nothing with more splendor, glory, or joy, nothing that is in any way better or more totally based in reality than that which is in accordance with God’s will. Everything good has its source in God. Therefore, evil has no footing or ability, save in some sort of deception.


Is that not what I said? What can God do that Satan cannot?:shrug:


Not even a pleasure?

Then how does he make sin feel so good?


Satan takes that which is good and twists it. It is for this reason that even good things that feel good, such as sexual pleasure, ultimately wind up hurting us when they are not within the context that God gave them.


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