Why is there so little info on Satan/Lucifer? Yes there are new age books that write about him, and Anton LeVey more taught hedonism than actually about Satan. These “Satans Bibles” are a joke because its just hedonism and anti-Catholic bashing rather than actual learning on the angel. But it seems there are no early writings or revelations concerning Lucifer. The only thing I could find was a book called Al-Jilwah from a small sect called the Yezedis in the middle east. As far as everything else it seems very modern and new that dosen’t hold any historical footing.

HI Peter,

There is a fairly complete presentation at
with a couple of references to the Fathers.


I tell my students that there are only two things they need to know about hell: it exists, and you don’t want to go there.

I would suggest the same for satan: He exists, and you don’t want to have anything to do with him.

Many in occult circles do not believe that Satan and Lucifer are the same entity though I have always thought they were. I have a lot of material on the occult but it is in storage so I can’t readily reference it for you, but there are some interesting works on the history of Satan - the development of belief in Satan as the devil. There is also an occult forum where you could probably get a lot of into just from the stickys. You might also want to google “demonolatry”.

You will find him mentioned in the OT (Genesis, Job) and in the NT (we know he temped Jesus). Why not more? Look at it this way:

As a loving dad, I have told my children enough about drugs, alcohol, sex, depression, stress and suicide so that they can make good decisions to keep themselves safe but I do not keep volumes and volumes of detailed information around becasue my kids are too young and weak to, and don’t have to, understand more.

In the same way our perfect loving Father gives us, his immature children, enough information about Satan to know how to protect ourselves. Maybe when we are way older and wiser He will permit us to know more, but he knows we cannot handle it now.

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