Satanic? Any Advice? Is this all in my head?

I have no idea if this is the right place to post something like this.

Something really awkward happend to me last night. My mom knocked on my bedroom door and told me that whatever I was doing in the middle of the night, its really starting to scare her. When I woke up this morning I went and asked my parents about what it was I was doing. They told me it sounds like i’m chanting and worshipping something. They also say i’m talking to things. This really concerns me. They swear I’m awake when i’m doing this because i’m walking around,but im not awake. I’m obviously doing this in my sleep. They also say I’ve been doing this for awhile now. I’m really embarrased about this because I had no idea this was going on for so long. I’m sorry if this post dosent make any sense, im just shook up right now and I found this forum because I really do need advice on what to do about this situation.

Awhile ago, for some really stupid reason, I was looking into the “Satanic” religion. Although I never actually practiced it, I did read a few books about this form of spirituality. I found it really disturbing and stopped. I dont even remember anything about the satanic stuff I was looking into, but it sounds like my subconcious is trying to act it out in my sleep.

I am not a Catholic. I was baptized/confirmed Lutheran.

I’m not sure what else to say here. I’m A 20 year old guy. Last night I stayed up until 5am because I was so scared to go to fall asleep. Has anything like this happend to anyone? Whats happening? Am I going crazy?.. I know this sounds really stupid, but this really bothers/scares me.

not necessarily, look for rational natural explanations first. Is there an animal in the attic or ductwork, is something electronic malfunctioning, was a radio or TV or computer game left on. If you do have reason to believe there is something in your own perception or behavior that is not right, look for a medical or psychological explanation, with appropriate professional help. Looking for the supernatural is usually not the best first place to research.

get rid of all paranormal & occult books and devices. the regular garbage collection is fine

It sounds like you may have some form of sleepwalking. Go talk to your family doctor.

If you have access to a video recorder, maybe set that up to see exactly what your doing in your sleep? Or, like the other poster mentioned, it could be something else causing the sounds.

And definitely get rid of any occult books or items

Good advice from previous posts. Also remember- you are Baptized- claimed for Christ Jesus.Regardless of the cause, take your concern to Him knowing He is Lord and Master of All.

Good advice as well…

If you have a VOICE activated micro cassette recorder, the kinds you see the press use for interviews, set one up in your room and when you sleep if any voices come it will be picked up by the recorder.

As others said, talk to your doctor about sleepwalking. Perhaps get a family member to tape what you’re doing.

It could be that you were disturbed by what you read and, similar to having nightmares after watching a horror movie, it’s simply a reaction to what you read vice any kind of acting it out. Who knows, you may even be praying and worshipping Jesus- i.e. so disturbed by what you read you’re seeking God.

I would talk to your minister or some other counselor you trust. Pray, I would recommend praying for your guardian angel’s intercession with Christ on your behalf for protection and forgiveness for your investigation of the satanic.

Fr. Fortea is an exorcist who wrote a book. In it he says “a crucifix, even if it has not been blessed, is particularly powerful. It torments the demons…The same is true for all religious images, whether they be blessed or not.”

If you have a picture of Jesus, copy it, and for now put it in all the rooms. It wouldn’t cost very much and in any case it could only do good. That way no matter what else you may deceide to do, you would be doubly covered.

Just a suggestion.

Go to an electronics store and see if there’s some sort of sound recorder, which will only turn itself on if there is a loud enough noise threshold and turns itself off when there’s been little noise, in order to save battery power and recording memory.

That way you’ll be able to find out first of all if there really are any sounds, or if your parents are the only ones hearing them.

If there aren’t any, then it’s your parents with the problem, not you. If there are sounds, then you need to discern if you’re making them, or some other third party.

Until you can be sure these noises exist, and then work out the cause if they do, it’s a bit hard to provide a solution.

I also wanted to add that you could contact your local priest for advice. Even if it turns out to be something natural and explainable, it certainly cannot hurt. From experience though, I would be upfront with him regarding that you feel it could be demonic and ask if he is comfortable with speaking with you about that, and if not then ask him to refer another priest or call your archdiocese for a referral.

Fr Amorth’s books, an exorcist tells his story, are good to read and have deliverance prayers in the back of them. Also Fr Fortea’s book, an interview with an exorcist, is a good read as well.

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