Satanic music in movies

Would it be of grave matter to watch a movie that you know has Satanic music in it, if you’re not watching it for the music? I mean like in the movie “The Omen,” there is Satanic music like the song “Ave Satani?” I ask because in general at least, one should obviously not listen to that and it would be of grave matter to do so.

If I recall correctly Satan and the anti-Christ are the antagonists in The Omen. What do you find distasteful about that concept?

It’s not the “concept” of movies I’m talking about, but if it’s of grave matter to watch movies with Satanic music in them.

Sorry for coming in this post with nothing really relevant…

But I see posts like this popping up every once in a while(here or on other forums), so I have a question…

How can music be satanic? As far as I know, it can’t be?

Sorry, whenever I hear the term “satanic music” I immediately think of radical conspiracy theorists or radical Christians(my friend’s mom was convinced anything with weird symbolism was satanic).

The song I gave as an example is “Ave Satani,” which means “Hail Satan.” The kind of music I’m referring to is the kind that is used to worship Satan.

I would think so. What saint or apostle would listen to that kind of music?

Very occult to worship him

I would confess it.

And NOT watch movies with ANYTHING that hails him.

"I am the Lord your God, you shall not have strange gods before me. "

Satanic music - Hotel California - The Eagles

I’m of the mind that they are just movies; you don’t need to take them so seriously. As long as you’re not singing “Ave Satani” in your everyday doings, then it’s fine.

It’s just music geared toward the movie – hearing it is hardly going to turn you into a Satanist.
BUT since it obviously bothers you, then you shouldn’t, even though it’s not grave matter.

How could it be a sin to watch movies or listen to music, unless doing it specifically to worship satan, or something like that. How could researchers study music without listening to it, or reviewers review the movies?

Sometimes we can be too scrupulous in trying to figure out if everything we do is a sin.

It sounds like the OP had an answer to the question before it was asked, because it seems that every one who suggested it was not grave matter or a sin, were rebuffed.

OP, do you have an issue with scrupulosity, by chance?

Peace and all good!

Of course it is a sin.

Perhaps you should be spending your time with films and music which seek to glorify God, rather than blaspheme Him.

No, thank you for your concern. I just happen to know that things which are for worship of false gods, including music are at least not supposed to be indulged in. If it were not true, why would it say so in the Bible? My guess is actually that it’s probably fine in this case, although music specifically written to worship Satan could very well be consecrated to him and such things should at least normally be avoided.

I was only thinking of watching such movies purely for entertainment and I am NOT scrupulous. I don’t even know if this is a sin and that is why I am asking so I can know for future reference as I am interested in watching the rest of “The Omen” movies.

Your answer doesn’t seem to fit the context of the OP’s question. With this logic, we must live a 100% cloistered, monastic life!

Nonsense. It is not merely monks who should avoid glorifying the Evil One.

I am currently working my way through the Vatican’s list of 45 greatest films of all time. It seems to me that there is a wealth of secular art that succeeds in mankind’s mission of glorifying God. We do not have to shut ourselves in a cloister or restrict ourselves to church music or sacred art. I have never suggested that we should.

I simply thini that we ought to expend every ounce of strength in praising and glorifying God, and growing in personal holiness. All else is surely vanity!

So many of you worry way to much about minutiae.

Music is music people. There is not special power in it. You’re not sinning by listening to it, and you’re certainly not going to be possessed by the devil by listening to it.

Relax a little bit. Enjoy the life God gave you.

That’s a silly urban legend. The song is just about people coming to Hollywood, falling for its material allure, and getting sucked into the hedonistic culture of excess.

Thank you for simultaneously denigrating my avocation as a chorister and minimizing a very real spiritual danger presented to young and old alike.

Music has great power. Just look at how it is utilized in sacred liturgy and revered in ghe Biblical canon. A dying Jesus sang Psalms on the Cross. No special power indeed! Songs were the first things (Isaiah) and the last things on our Savior’s lips.

A christian should abstain from horror movies. They can effect the psyche and subconsious with images and sounds… one you mentioned, satanic music.
There is no benefit from watching these movies…

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