satanic pentagrams

Gazing at this shape…I’m wondering, why the 5-pointed pentagram is considered satanic? What do the points represent, and are there any other polygons or solids associated with the occult/satan.

I’ve seen it shown with one point downward and two upwards. That way it kind of looks like a goat with pointed chin, two horns, and two ears. The goat is also a symbol of Satan.

I think of the five pointed star as you show it as a symbol of the star of Bethlehem. Maybe that’s why the reverse of it is Satanic? I’m no expert on this.

like this…I think I see the goat

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The pentagram is not inherently satanic–nor is the inverted pentagram inherently satanic, though it has been used in a satanic context, particularly in the Baphomet symbol which superimposes the head of a goat onto the inverted pentagram and, in Hebrew letters at each of the five points, spells Leviathan. But that’s parlor-theatrics satanism. It wasn’t until the 19th century with Eliphas Levi, I believe, that the inverted pentagram assumed any sort of dark mystique. In other contexts, the inverted pentagram has represented a focus on the material, on the power of the passions, on the will or the soul dominated by the elements of matter.

In modern occultism, the pentagram itself represents the four elements ruled over by spirit or the fifth element of ether. It assumed a mystical significance as far back as the days of Pythagoras when it was used to demonstrate the principle of the Golden Mean in mathematics (because of this, it often represents the principle of harmony). In Christianity, the pentagram was associated with a number of things–chiefly the five wounds of Christ. In the old poem of Gawain and the Green Knight, Gawain bears the pentagram on his shield and it symbolizes for him 5 sets of 5 things:
1–Purity of the 5 senses
2–Right action (“his five fingers never failed”)
3–The 5 wounds
4–The 5 joys of Mary (Annunciation, Nativity, Resurrection, Ascension, Coronation)
5–The possession of 5 chivalric virtues

It is probably the association of the principle of harmony and of the five wounds which gives the pentagram its association (since the middle ages or so) as a sign of protection against evil forces, as well.

Because of number symbolism, the pentagram is also important as a representation of the 5 lettered name of God (YHShVH) which Reuchlin claimed made the ineffable Tetragrammaton pronouncable and which he believed was another spelling of the name Jesus (Yehoshua). And it’s because of number symbolism that other shapes and polygrams assume mystical significance–the septagram which represents the 7 planets and the perfection of the cosmos, the octogram (and octogon) which represents renewal, the 8th day of creation (look at any number of images of the Annunciation from the middle ages / renaissance and you’ll probably find an octagon pattern on the floor, in a window, or in the architecture). The hexagram or star of David is a bit trickier as the number 6 generally represents imperfection or humanity, but the hexagram (in a more esoteric understanding) represents two triangles, one pointing up to God (representing, variously, the aspirations of nature or the element of fire) and the other pointing down (representing the love of God to creation or the element of water). Generally, though, it can be said to represent the happy, perfect and complete union of opposites

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power of the passions…I’ve heard this also

didn’t know the pentagram could be / is associated with Christianity

helps much, :thumbsup: thanks, H

But that’s parlor-theatrics satanism. It wasn’t until the 19th century with Eliphas Levi, I believe, that the inverted pentagram assumed any sort of dark mystique.

That is the conclusion that my research into it led to as well when I went looking for the whys and what-fors of this particular issue for a friend of mine.

WOW!!! A Sir Gawain and the Green Knight reference!!! I KNEW my English Minor would eventually pay off!!!

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