Satanic Rituals

Is there really such thing as satanic cults? How can anyone be involved? Sounds like something scary.

do you mean satanic cults that go around and chopping up babies and eating them? I doubt it. There are random people with mental illnesses that commit homicide and may claim that they were satanists.

Today, there are groups that revere some sort of satanic entity(entities), such as the Temple of Set, various Demonolatry groups, Church of Lucifer, and various others. Then there are those that are more atheistic, but focus on the more carnal and sinful activities, such as the Church of Satan.

So basically, there are many groups that claim to honor some sort of being that they call Satan or Lucifer, but they don’t see it as reverse Christianity (even though what’s the point of worshipping someone called Satan/Lucifer when there’s all that Christian baggage? :rolleyes:)

Yes there is … and it’s just as bizarre as religious rituals and adherence to ancient mythology by modern intelligent people.

If you lived in the 70’s and the tail end of the 60’s you would’ve thought Satan was taking over the earth with cults: Rosemary’s Baby, the Omen, the Exorcist, Mephisto Waltz, Brotherhood of Satan, Race with the Devil, the Devil’s Rain, you name it, movie after movie…Satan wins in each one of those flicks, too!

And when I was growing up in the 80’s as a young guy, all you heard was Satan this and Satan that supposedly in backwards messages on records or that there were cults brainwashing people into sacrificing babies and having sex orgies.

The reality is that Satanism has always been something of a joke. That La Veyan Satanism is more a form of selfish Ayn Rand objectivism mixed with atheism and selfish ego. They never had bloody rituals and they made it well-known that they felt Satanism to be a philosophy, not magical.

Satanism was just like the old mass fears of Trick or Treating. It’s a statistical fact that there hasn’t been ONE documented incidence of a kid biting down on a razor blade in an apple or eating poisoned candy yet I remember those rumors that shut down trick or treating around here. Satanism is just people having fun with the boogy man and letting their imaginations run wild.

There are kooky Satanic cults here and there but there are probably more Spiro Agnew Fan Clubs than there are real dangerous Satanic groups.

Satan isn’t an obvious guy. Old Nick does his damage through ruining marriages in divorce, through aborting little babies, through making us think morals are relative and that we can all “do our own thing.” He works through our cynicism and fears, our frustrations and addictions, our urges and desires, our hatred and our selfishness. And occasionally, just every once in a while, he pops up in an Ozzy Osbourne album :smiley:

Yes, unfortunately there are numerous rituals,books and websites devoted to these
dark practices.
They are as real, and wickedly evil as ever and extremely prolific throughtout the world.
One particular website that devotes a high percentage of their threads to worshiping
The Evil One is at abrahadabra. This is a extremely popular, international forum online.
The deceptions, and lies used to beckon innocent young people into this “Dead End
Path” are exceptionally devious, yet sweetened with sugar coated lies.
Personally, many people including myself, use the very powerful “BINDING” prayers for
daily protection from malicous attacks that are included in a booklet ($1) titled: SPIRITUAL WARFARE PRAYERS.
They have a website called CatholicWarriors.
This particular subject should not be taken lightly, nor doubted.

Unfortunately my hometown had a group involved in this. A friend of mine’s brother is still in jail (almost 22 years later) and two people were killed plus small children were believed to have been killed.

As far as I am concerned any activity which delves into the spirit world is a satanic ritual. I am thinking particularly of so called “just for fun” activities like fortune telling.Most of these are bogus/charlatan etc.but unfortunately some are able to give uncannily accurate information to their avid listeners.These guys are in cahoots with the “dark side”,or evil spirits whose sole intention is to undermine their victim’s faith in God and total trust in God for everything in the future…satan in one foul swoop has undermined another unsuspecting soul for just a few pounds (dollars in your case)…tomorrow I must confront a very naive member of my family who recently indulged and was told fantastic things including a reference to my deceased father RIP…I may encounter some difficulty in this confrontation but I have to try and undo the work of satan…wish me well you power houses of prayer and St.Michael Archangel stay very close to me Amen

Your relative is very fortunate to be related to one such as yourself, who cares enough
to become involved and try to assist with their “release” from the belief and/or the
possible consequences down the road from having innocently involved oneself with
these sort of folks.
We shall pray for your success in being heard, and your words of wisdom being accepted
by your relative.
"Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I denounce Satan and all of his works, including witchcraft,the practice of sorcery,meetings with mediums who use divination. Also I denounce all types of fortune telling, palm readings,horoscopes,numerology and all things
of the occult or Satan, plus all his evil spirits.
I denounce all of them in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and I pray the Blood of
Christ around my loved ones and myself. In Jesus Precious Name, Amen.:blessyou::

A friend of mine is a police officer. In his jurisdiction there is a large forest preserve, the cops won’t patrol the forest preserve after dark (technically it closes at sunset) because on day time patrols they have frequently found evidence of sacrifices offered there.

Would you include Voodoo in Satanism? In Chicago there are shops were the Voodoo priests and priestesses buy the paraphenalia for their ceremonies and sacrifices. I have gone in two such shops, when I recognized them for what they were I left immediately.

Is it really necessary to know any details of the Mystery of Iniquity?

thank you for your support and prayers Rose5…you are included in my prayers tonight Sinnegam

I reckon Jesus thought it was necessary and I’m happy for Him to be my role model God Bless You …Sinnegam

That is quite interesting what you shared about one of the park’s in your city.
Very believable.
Sometimes some of the cases containing actual evidence of these sorts of ritualss being practiced in numerous cities, towns and forests are difficult to fathom.

Thank you Sinnegam for your kind words! God Bless You and Yours…

no people do those unfortunate things, not an invisible boogy man (who is just an excuse for people to behave poorly). I’m a sinner after all, we’re all depraved, I’m tainted by original sin, the devil must be tempting me, bla bla bla. It’s all nonsense and detracts from personal responsibility.

I woudn’t consider Vodoun (the actual practice, not the media sensationalized version) as Satanic necessarily, though still definitely non-Christian.

Obviously people do these things. I didn’t think women are sucked into an abortion clinic in a force field and forced to have an abortion. My post didn’t indicate an absence of personal responsibility and free will. I am simply saying that Satan’s influence is widely-felt in the world we live in through things that are subtle, not obvious. People think Satan is at rock concerts and in albums or at rituals with folks wearing a goat headress sacrificing babies. My point is that Satan does his work THROUGH HUMANS through temptation, appealing to their lower nature, and through our culture. In the end none of us is unable to resist his wiles or evil call. We all can say no to him and yes to Christ. That’s the essence of free will and grace. I never said we’re zombies with no personal responsibility. But to say the devil does not tempt us or fight for our soul is truly the nonsense you point out. The best way the devil invades our lives is to convince us that he does not exist at all. From your post you seem to believe that. If so, then he’s doing his job effectively, as the C.S. Lewis analogy goes…

Knowing how to summon up a storm could be very useful. :cool: But that belongs to magic, not satanolatry: which sounds rather disgusting; kissing the anus of a goat sounds really icky.

thank you for that mental image. :mad:

Also where I grew up there were Brujas that practiced evil magic. We avoided them like the plague. Once we snuck into a house where a Bruja had died. We went through the house and we were the only ones there. But we still heard weird noises like fingers clawing the walls. Brrrrr.

Don’t know how much of it I believe intellectually but I won’t go into a Bruja’s house again.

I have friends who still fear crossing bridges out of fear for the Llorona.

I still have a tendency to swear at La Chusa as well.

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