Satanic song tops UK Christmas pop chart

In an internet campaign to ensure they had the “honour” of topping the pop chart on the anniversary of Our Lord’s birth fans of Rock band “Rage Against the Machine” have waged a viral campaign to place a dirge caled Killing in his name at number one.

One member of this combination apparently has 666 tattooed on him and there are I understand several Satanic lyrics in their songs. One assumes that the “his” in the things title refers to Satan or at least that is what we are invited to think. Sadly more young people will have downloaded this filth than will attend church in the UK this week.

Please refrain from buying this if you were so mindedand ceratinly do not indulge any children who want to get in on the act.

We are lost. The world has freely and gleefully given itself over to Satan.

We were given a clear choice and many chances. And we turned our backs on righteousness.

God save us.

There are some inaccuracies in your post. First, the song is called “Killing in the name”, not “his” name. Second, it’s not satanic. According to Peter Buckly, author of Rough Guide to Rock, it is “a howling, expletive-driven tirade against the ills of American society.”
This from Wikipedia:

The song repeats six lines of lyrics that focus on racism in security agencies with the refrain, “Some who work forces, are the same who burn crosses,” an allusion to cross-burning by the Ku Klux Klan. The song lyrics reference the allegation that some members of US police forces are members of the Ku Klux Klan organization, whose symbol is the burning cross. The BBC News website refers to it as railing against “the military-industrial complex, justifying killing for the benefit of, as the song puts it, the chosen whites.”

It’s a political commentary, not a call to satanism. The reason it’s #1 in the UK for Christmas is the result of a huge campaign on Facebook to keep the winner of X Factor from being #1. The song is full of “f-bombs”, so not for delicate ears (mine included). I can’t speak to any tattoos any of the band members may or may not have.

I stand corrected on the title. However I understand their “work” of the group does have satanic references and the tattoo does exist. It is no accident they were chosen to bleat about burning crosses on Christmas week.

Don’t worry, when the UK comes under Sharia law they will clean up the music!

The point of the song is that they are against the burning crosses. At least they are against the hypocrisy of police officers (allegedly) belonging to the KKK. And apparently the group has said they will donate the proceeds of this song to charity. Not that I’m in favour of this song or the band, just saying don’t jump to conclusions until you get all the facts :wink:

Good One!:D:D

They will chop off their hands so they can never play guitar again.:smiley:
And you all thought Traditional Catholicism and the SSPX are bad!. Were all in for ten times worse if Islam takes over. They don’t take kindly to liberalism. Even in Religion!

Seagal, you’re wasting your sweetness (and facts) on the desert air. Subtleties about the non-conformist nature of tattoos are lost on many here, especially those for whom there is no difference between being anti-establishment and being a Satanist. Besides, jumping to conclusions is about the only exercise many of us get around here - apart from running off at the mouth, of course. :smiley:

How truly sickening. Lord, have mercy on us sinners! :crossrc:

And you base that understanding on what? From what I can find the band seems to have elements of Marxism and anarchy but no satanism.

As for the tattoo, according to wikipedia its a tribal warrior tattoo with swirls. And I have to say that after looking up the image of the tattoo it is a stretch to claim those are 3 6’s.

Amen sister!:doh2:

Oh, I hope I did not jump to an incorrect conclusion that you were a woman.

Was, am and will be…:smiley:

No to mention jumping on the bandwagon, so to speak :stuck_out_tongue: I realize I’m probably wasting my breath but sometimes things just have to be challenged.

Although I didn’t care for the song the reason it reached no1 is because we are all sick of the terrible music that seems to make no1 over the past years from XFactor … just look at last years song. The Christmas no1 is a great tradition in the UK and has unfortunatly been taken over by the rubbish Simon Cowell shoves down our throats … this made a nice change …

They’re not Satanists, but Rage Against the Machine is an incredibly awful band, putting out albums that sound virtually identical; and made up of some of the most obnoxious hypocrites to ever pollute the world of rock 'n roll … and that’s saying a whole heck of a lot. :thumbsup:

BTW, there’s no news article linked in the original post. In the news section each new topic should have an original news story linked. Otherwise its not news, its just gossip.

Sad but likely!!

As there is a good possibility IMO that Simon Cowell is actually the anti-Christ, having taken everything good in our culture and changed it into plastic cr*p, I think that this crusade against mediocrity could be viewed as in the service of mankind!

It seems the Enemy has two sorts of unknowing allies: those who don’t believe in his existence and those who see him behind every door.


a perfect example of mass idiocy. spreads like wildfire and the best part is, you don’t have to think. just open your mouth and let the stupid flow…

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