Satanism In The Vatican?

some time ago Father Gabriele Amorth, chief Exorcist, of the Rome Diocese, made the statement, that in his professional capacity, he believed that Satanic influence had penetrated the Vatican. how serious is this problem in reality? Are there really Bishops and Cardinals practicing Satanism in the Vatican, or was this just a reference to demonic influences, human imperfection and sin within the heirarchy? what is your viewpoint?

I think it’s a huge leap when hearing “satanic influences have penetrated the church” to “bishops practicing satanism”.

I would think he was referring to satan affecting the judgement of some people within the church.

But fear not. Jesus guaranteed that the gates of hell will not prevail.


You also don’t have to believe everything he says, priest or no priest. There better be some solid evidence before making a statement like that publicly. No one seems to ever come up with examples when they make these kind of statements. Perhaps they know it is all their opinion only and not really absolute fact. These kinds of innuendos serve no purpose and are an invitation to calumny.

I actually think Satan is at work when people start making statements like that. He is a master of deception and can pose as an angel of light. His specialty is division and discord. He can make us think wrong is right and right is wrong if we are not careful. He loves negativity. He loves imbuing a spirit of negativity into people.

Jesus never did that. When he criticized, he gave a reason, and it was true. He had the facts. Plus he always carried a message of hope. He lifted people up.

The Holy Spirit is not going to give in to Satan. He has already been defeated. The Church is not going to collapse or fall into apostasy. God has promised the Gates of Hell would not prevail. Believe that instead. God is perfectly capable of taking care of any problems that might arise in the Church. He’s already done it for over 2000 years.

Fr. A. has been quoted as making a number of outlandish / not-necessarily-to-be-believed statements, one of which, I think was that he’s performed something like 50,000 exorcisms in his career, which I once worked out to be one every 30 minutes, day and night, 365 days a year, for 30 years. I would take some of his statements in the same vein.

He has made some other problematic statements as well. He may be a holy priest in his own life but when he speaks publicly and, at times in his writing, he can really say some odd thing.

yes, however i feel we ought to take note, as Father Amorth not only has the qualifications, but also many years of experience, dealing with the demonic realm. what he said may be an early warning signal, for us, to be vigilant and remain on guard, because Satan and his army, are ready to make a full frontal attack on the church. we all know that God too has his spirital army, not only on earth, but also in heaven, to defend us, but nevertheless, let us remain on guard.thank you

Yup, that’s pretty much what I figured when I first heard about this. I suppose that’s why the faithful are encouraged to pray for the Pope & clergy.

…as an aside I’m sure there have been uninvited satanic influences uncovered and excised within the Vatican that we’ll never hear about.

this may shed a little more light. i am not sure about the exact interpretation

I believe Father Amorph knows what he is talking about and had the courage to say it. I think that not only the ‘smoke of Satan’ can be smelled at the Vatican at times but that also Black Masses may have very well been performed. I consider the warning in Fatima of Our Lady about how Satan was going to attack the Church and the horrible things our priests have been accused of and done ever since (and the internal conflicts regarding Vatican II, the so-called traditionalists and the group of that French priest etc…) I think the individual priests that committed those acts are responsible for their actions but I also hold Satan responsible. The Church needs to guard like a lion the doors of the seminaries.

A couple of years ago, I attended a presentation by a professor of Trinity College; Leslie G. Desmangles. Mr. Desmangles has worked diligently in the past decades to promote and present Voodoo as a legitimate religion and with a few strokes of his pen or simple denial he covers up the negative actions done within voodoo, e.g. incest (father is the first once a girl has her period and it is witness by the community in a river) or zombies (the insertion of the oil of a particular fish in the brain of the victim). If Catholics in his audience object he throws like an arrow that he has first hand knowledge that Black Masses have been conducted at the Vatican and that he has visited altars of Lwa in Haiti which have Eucharist ready to be offered up on their altars. A quite unprofessional and uncharitable presentation I must say. Professor Desmangles claims that there are Haitian Catholic priests that practice voodoo and that even when they are offer a Mass at the parishes they insert certain voodoo rituals such as throwing water in the four directions on the floor.

It could be there have been Black Masses done in the Vatican. I don’t know how people would gain access to the altar without the Swiss Guards taking note but I think that those Masses are powerless rituals that are cancelled with a proper Catholic Mass. That Satan may or may not be at the Vatican does not surprise me as he is always roaming places to hurt the people of faith. He did the same at Lourdes even though Lourdes is a place where I believe the Blessed Mother Mary is still present, when he possessed a person from the town. Satan does not only try to influence and hurt evil people he goes after those who are practicing their faith. We just all need to be that much more faithful and so for all those in the Vatican.

p.s. Not much surprises me anymore not even that a fine university offers a course that promotes voodoo.

CORRECTION: I ran out of editing time and I did not mean to say: evil people but instead people who do evil acts = evildoers.

He might simply have been referring to the words of the Servant of God Pope Paul VI:

Attraverso qualche fessura il fumo di Satana è entrato nella Chiesa

Through some opening, the smoke of Satan has entered in the Church

Let us never forget that the Church is the mystical body of Christ. All baptized are the Church.

I believe it was a reference to the evil things that have been going on with a few priest throughout the Roman Catholic Church such as is the case with sexual abuse of children. This itself is an evil act brought about by the evil one. It has severely hurt the Church throughout the world, and it has given those against the Church more grounds to argue against Her and take people away from the Church. This basically added gasoline to the fire burning against the Roman Catholic Church by those who reject the Church with all their heart.

“Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me.”
(Matthew 25:40)

I 'd be surprised if Satan didn’t make attacking the Vatican a priority.

If your first suspicion was actually true - who exactly would you expect to come on this forum and spill the beans - one of the participants? :shrug:.

So I am left wondering what deeper concern is driving such a factually unanswerable question?

Malachi Martin an exorcist, also wrote of such in his novel, **Windswept House. **
There are some seemingly credible people who have written of such secret groups as the Illuminati infiltrating institutions of every kind. Whether this is delusion, paranoia, deception, or reality, I don’t know if one can really know.

It is very important to realize that Jesus said that tares would be sown among the wheat, and we are not to attempt to pull up the tares, lest we pull up the wheat along with them.
Judas was one of the twelve apostles, and no one even suspected that he would be a betrayer, no one except our Lord Jesus Christ.

God’s peace


This was debunked here:

A Spanish theologian has taken issue with the claim by a renowned exorcist that there is Satanic influence even within the Vatican. In a book released in Italy last month, Memoirs of an Exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth was quoted as saying that the membership in Satanic cults includes “priests, monsignors, and also cardinals.”
Father José Antonio Fortea Cucurull came to the defense of the Vatican, saying that Father Amorth had gone well beyond the evidence in making his charge. “Cardinals might be better or worse,” he said, “but all have upright intentions and seek the glory of God.” **While some Vatican officials may be more pious than others, he added, “from there to affirm that some cardinals are members of Satanic sects is an unacceptable distance.” **

Father Fortea said that Father Amorth’s charge was based on two sorts of evidence. Some evidence comes from mystics who claim special insights; the accuracy of their messages is difficult to judge. Father Amorth also reported that during exorcisms, demons themselves claimed to hold the allegiance of Vatican officials. But Father Fortea notes that it is impossible to know when the demons are telling the truth. He concluded: “Among exorcists, some have come to similar conclusions as those of Father Amorth. Others have not.”

I cannot understand Father Amorth’s rationale in alarming Catholics with this kind of melodrama.

Ever hear of bi-location?

I believe him, stranger things have happened throughout history.

I have heard that satanic priests covertly join the Roman Catholic priesthood in an attempt to destroy it from within.

I read most of what was posted here and pondered it for a while. What i think is that if the claims are true i could understand it happening. I believe satan would most certainly attack the church that is hurting his cause the most. It only makes sense that these things will happen and probably increase until our Lord comes to establish his kingdom here on earth. At the bottom of the article i read some of the comments posted and as usual the Catholic haters pounced like a cat after a rat. Like i said satan will attack the church tnat is hurting his cause the most. We have not seen the worst of it yet. One of my favorite bumper stickers reads “i am thankful for the thousands of good PRIESTS” . The Cathic church has been under attack since it began and this will continue to increase. Pray for our priests and our church that God will protect and guide them to fight against these demonic influences. GOD BLESS!!!

Our brothers and sisters in Carmel, along with those of other religious orders, are particularly dedicated to prayer for the needs of the Church, for the Holy Father, and all the clergy. We have had many great saints in these orders who dedicated their life to this purpose.

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