The satanism described on wikipedia doesn’t sound like satanism to me…
Is it the same thing? It doesn’t say that they defile Holy objects and murder babies and stuff. It seems just like another organization to me.


That there is. Satanism (with the big S) is alot like buddhism and very existentialist. It’s all about personal growth and very agaisnt the idea of a institution telling you how to run your life. They believe that God inteded for a person to discover themselves not to sheepishly follow (this is what they think:p ) some monolithic entity. They dont actually worship Satan, they just admire how in the tale of Paradise Lost, Satan defied order to find his own place.

The other kind that most ppl confuse them for is satanism (little s intended). It was how the church of old used to deem anything that they considered evil. More than anything it was used as a slur a bit like how someone may call someone ungodly, idiot, fascist etc w/o it actually being true


Boy, you certainly know a lot about satanism…:hmmm:
Satanism is evil. period. Even the name is evil. period.


Ok Bella now is your chance. Prove that you are not as ignorant as you seem and find evidence from a Satanist that would indicate they are actually evil or worship Satan.


What about the Satanists who spend all day trying to kill blonde haired children and go around urinating on graves and digging up skulls??
What about those Satanists? Not much like ole Buddha are they;)


If the Christian bible is made up of eyewitness accounts of Jesus, who’s word do they rely on when discussing things like Satan? Is that something Jesus spoke about?


…And Wikopedia has become your be all? Get a grip! Wikopedia is media friendly, meaning that they do not want to cause any controversy or have any legal suits brought against them… try referrencing something else :rolleyes:


You folks in New York City should remember that well know Satanist, David Berkowitz! He is a good example of their religion.


And Mel Gibsons anti-semetic views are a reflection of how Christians view Jews right?

Really, this is all speculation unless you can find it explicitly written that a. They worship Satan , b. They are ordered to commit evil acts.


It is mentioned in The New Testament several times referencing to satan. Jesus used terms like “Gehenna”, which means hell.
I will research and come up with scripture if you’d like.


Longinus, why even mention Mel Gibson. Remember he made “The Passion of The Christ”, and the Jews taunted him forever. They didn’t treat him right at all. They were afraid of the movie that people would take revenge out on them, but in the papers, they said that the man who beat Jesus (a Roman), was harrassed, and his daughter was harrassed at school.
I am not saying that justifies his actions, but I can understand his statements b/c he was ridiculed by the very same people accusing him. Besides, he grossed almost a billion dollars in the making. Enough to make anyone jealous.


It isn’t out of ignorance, but love for Jesus that I will not comment at this time. I will not discuss such an evil name.


a. I mentioned it because he is equating one person’s action to an entire religion. Im making it look silly with a similar example
b. Passion of the Christ was little more than a snuff film with a religious undertone (opinion)
c.Jews were mad because it made them(all jews) look evil and demonified them so I’d say they have good reason to be mad
d. He shouldve expected jews to be mad, it still doesnt excuse what he said.

Back on-topic, I got a feeling the only reason ppl call it evil is because of the name. it if where called SuperHappyFluffyism the ppl here wouldnt complain.


Longinus, it is what it is. period.


that’s a little silly. Unless you are saying they make sure that they don’t print lies, since you can’t be sued for telling the truth.


From you lack of evidence to my repvious challenge I think its safe to conclude the arguement is this.

Your opinion vs. Fact

You’ll have to excuse me, I enjoy fact alot more than a personal opinion from a random person on a message board


David Berkowitz converted to Christianity in prison. Go build him a statue


But you can be killed for telling the truth…


Gehenna is a jewish term. But I’m asking about Satan, not the concept of hell. If you could, I’d like to know how Satan is referenced and by who in the Christian scripture. Particularly to the extent that he is viewed as a fallen angel or other type of diety opposing God. I appreciate you taking the time to answer this.


What the heck does that mean??:confused: :confused:

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