Satanist Drafting?

Hi guys, can you explain this too me??

a few days back i went to a book store looking for some books and the guy ho attend me after a few minutes ask me: do you like religious books??? and i said yes, i have a lot of those in my house espetially the ones on diferent religions, and he said:
i will show you 2 of my personal favorites, a few minutes he comes back with a book about pagan simbols and his “crown jewel” one of the books prohibited by the catholic church called: ENCICLOPEDIAE SATANICA OR INFERNAL i dont remember (i was a little afraid) but gave it a look and in the last pages there it was a example of a soul sale i point out what it was to this man and say: wow you are good, we want to invite you every thursday night here at the book store because we study this books. was the other side try to draft me??? is it ok if i tell everyone at my church not to buy there??
Just to be sure i dont plan to go back there EVER.


Was the book simply an encyclopedia on Satanism? It probably wouldn’t be too bad then, to study up on your enemy. :smiley: Books about witchcraft, paganism and Satanism are interesting. I don’t mean spell books, but simply as a ‘documentary style’ to know the history of them. However if it’s banned by the Church, then there must be something more to it.

I would avoid that book like the plague. As it has been written “Seek what is above, not below.”

just to clear things up:

the enciclpoedia satanica was an 1700s or 1800s original from the books the catholic church ban so:
the church ban that book.
it must be very expensive because all those burn copies, so this guys must have been for real. or at least i think

**Avoid that book! **

[quote=Gratias Grace]**Avoid that book! **

I agree, and I would add to avoid that bookstore, that man and any hint of evil. Jdnation is absolutely wrong (sorry jdnation). There is no need to “study up on the enemy”. Satan is always trying to mislead and cause souls to turn away from God.

God Bless

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