Satanist planning diabolical action

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I found this on a different site and thought it should be shared:

"According to the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property, satanists in Oklahoma City have been “granted permission to hold a public sacrilege in front of St. Joseph Old Cathedral on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2015.” This includes the threat to pour costume blood treated with a mixture of sulfur powder and ash over a statue of the Blessed Virgin. (I don’t see how they can be allowed to do this if they are threatening to vandalize private property, though…)

The following link will allow one to sign an online petition against this disgusting sacrilege. For those so inclined, the OKC mayor’s contact information is also given.**

I’m not sure how effective such online petitions are, but I thought that I would post this regardless."

This is the dumbest thing Ive heard…costume blood? LOL, Id say even Satan himself would be offended at this!

Theres nothing sacrilegious about what they are doing…pouring a fake substance over a statue of Mary? well, we dont worship the statue, plus, its not even real blood.

Sorry, this seems to fit the Church’s definition of sacreligious.

Nothing sacrilegious, but it is vandalizing private property. Unless they bring their own statue.

edited to add - I wonder if this is a false alarm. I googled & found only the TFP Student Action website & this post. I went to the site for the parish & found nothing. Being as it’s Saturday, I won’t bother to e-mail them. I suppose others will.

This is a major sacrilege. That is a statue honoring the Mother of God.

He is real
She is real

Every person involved in this is in danger of eternal fire.

I agree. If one has the stomach to google the offensive artwork made to mock the Mother of God that pops up in art museums, the Chuch doesn’t hesitate to call stuff like this what it actually is -sacreligious and blasphemy. It makes no distinction between whether real blood or fake is used-although yes, real blood would be more horrific than fake. It’s the intent with which it is done, and the intent is to profane Christ’s Mother.

I guess I don’t see how the Church could call artwork sacreligious and not agree that this wouldn’t be the same. On a human level, I simply can’t imagine anybody being okay with a group of people doing something like this to a likeness (picture or stand-in) meant to represent their own biological mother. As Someone who greatly loves and respects His mother on a level that is infinitely more perfect than any of us is able to do, would Christ somehow be immune from being grieved or offended? Yes, this is sacreligious.

Let’s not forget that the city council allowed this. Everyone living in Oklahoma City should remember that at election time. The sin is as much on the council for allowing it as those doing it.

‘vandalizing’ is quite strong for what they are planning…disorderly conduct maybe, but even thats a stretch, it would take someone 10 minutes to clean the statue off after they are done, since its costume blood, I imagine it cleans up very easily.

This would be similar to some group getting approved to do an animal sacrifice, but in order to get the approval, they must use a stuffed animal, somehow I dont think such an event would really hold any weight.

Sounds like they just want to get Christians riled up, best thing to do if they actually do this, is everyone to ignore them, no media coverage and make sure the people see others coming afterwards to clean it up.

I am not an expert on Oklahoma state law, but in some jurisdictions rendering something unusable is considered criminal damage (or “vandalism”).

It looks to me like some people are actually begging to go to hell these days.

Actually it would not be sacrilege. Simply vandalizing it (no matter how terrible that is) is not sacrilege. It would be sacrilege if they took it and used it for an unworthy purpose.

What if something were to be done to stop them? If Oklahoma State is unwilling to stop them, and even gives the Satanists a permit to do this, in the eyes of God and the church, if someone was to stand against them, would they be in the clear? As long as no one was harmed, and if the purpose was to stop the sacrilege against the Mother of Christ, would a person be permitted to stand against the mob and protect the Holy Mother?

It would seem that this would count as sacrilege if you consider the definition of sacrilege in the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

**2120 ***Sacrilege *consists in profaning or treating unworthily the sacraments and other liturgical actions, as well as persons, things, or places consecrated to God. Sacrilege is a grave sin especially when committed against the Eucharist, for in this sacrament the true Body of Christ is made substantially present for us.

I’m quite sure that what they are doing, would qualify as an unworthy purpose.

i can’t fathom how someone can actually revere satan. honestly.

maybe they’re atheists who just want to push buttons and cause a scene?

Probably just dumb kids who think its “cool” or “rebelling”.

It goes a bit deeper than that, there are some people out there who truly believe the roles are reversed when it comes to God/ Satan, and Satan is actually the good guy, they refer to the use of the term ‘morning star’, as it is also used to describe God.

Some believe the ‘notion’ that God is the good one, is the great deception and all of us are wrong in worshiping him, Satan is really the one we should worship…of course, this belief falls apart if you do a bit of research, but some people find an idea or belief and get stuck on it, nothing will change their minds.

And then, there are those who know what Satan is and still choose to worship him, some of these people will be the ones who assist and usher in the AC.

All that needs to be done is to take the statue inside the church basement and lock the door.

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