Satanists in the Vatican?


Hi all! I was at today looking for other catholic forums when I happened on this link:

I was utterly amazed to read the stuff on there. Saying the occult is firmly in charge in Rome, that JPII carried a bent cross, which is a sign of satan, that he was buried in a trapezoidal coffin, which also has satanic implications, among other things.

Very weird stuff, what do any of you make of it? Be sure of
your faith before you go there though.



Ohhh right John Paul II worshiped the devil and his name is Jesus… wait there is something wrong with this. The devil isn’t Jesus. The only non-hispanic Jesus I can think of is the one in the gospels and he’s God. Gasp Does this mean that he is Christian? look of shock Does this mean that The Roman Catholic Church is Christian? Screams nooooooooo. OOOOOOOOOk that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Unless your are going to beat some sense into them (which is proboly how JPII cross got “bent”, thudds in the back ground), I would suggest ignoreing them.


The cross beam of the papal cross is bent because it symbolizes the heavy weight of all the world’s sins that Jesus carried. It is also symbolic of the immense weight of responsibility that the Bishop of Rome possesses as Universal Pastor and Vicar of Christ.


Protestants are well-known for being willing to lie in order to “convert” innocent people. Martin Luther said so himself, that it is acceptable to lie to “win souls.” Did you know that?

Given that, you have no assurance that those protestants are being honest, do you?

Run like the wind, my friend. You are dabbling in something unholy.


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