Satanists Use Hobby Lobby Decision to Play Devil's Advocate


The Supreme Court ruling allows Hobby Lobby to opt out of providing contraceptives to employees on the basis of their religious beliefs. Now, The Satanic Temple plans to cite the verdict as justification for the protection of their own beliefs.

The Satanic Temple, a religious group based in New York but with followers across the country, is using the ruling to fight informed consent laws which mandate that women considering abortions must be given state-approved literature about the procedure.


I dont see how this is a big deal or “puts conservative Christians in a bind.”

So Satanists dont want to inform their employees about abortion. So what? :shrug:

The fact that abortion is sacred to Satanists should be eye opening for those who are pro choice and like to sugarcoat the act of abortion., though. Truly devilish, no other way to say it.


I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but last year Texas passed laws which prohibited abortion after the 20th week, and that required doctors to have admitting privileges in order to perform abortions (you know, in case something goes wrong and the mother is in danger of dying… I know… we crazy pro-lifers are just so illogical and anti-women…) . During the deliberation there was a group of pro-life people singing amazing grace in the courtyard. In the middle of their song, a large group of pro-abortion advocates starting yelling “Hail Satan” at them…

It doesn’t matter how blatant you make the association, the blind will never see it.


Can’t the devil worshiping women who want to murder their babies simply not read the pamphlet? I mean, they can make a law that requires the doctor to give them information, but they can’t be forced to read it or accept it? Even if they are required to sign a paper saying they recieved it, they are only confirming that they were provided with the information, not that they agree with it. I’m failing to see the parallel here.


For what it is worth, Hobby Lobby did not ask for the right to prohibit all birth control. They asked for the for the right to ban abortifacient birth control pills. They still provide other birth control pills.

I pray for the Satanists that they never see Satan face to face and finally horrifyingly realize him for being the cheat that he is.


My argument would be that they made a law that required employers to include birthcontrol in their health plans, but no one was forced to take contraceptives. The parallel is that if you argue your religion exmpts you from meeting a particular requirement, then other people can use that argument too. Honestly, I don’t believe that religious beliefs can justify selective enforcement of the law, but since that’s the case you guys won, you can’t really argue when another group uses your argument to do something you don’t agree with.


Thats correct. But where is the issue in this? As long as no one is forcing Christians to act in opposition of their Faith, then the rest doesnt matter. Legally speaking.


Ehhh, Christianity has a long history of being against abortion and abc. How long is Satanism’s history of being against incorming women about medical procedures?


If Satanists dont want to inform their women of abortion procedures, let them carry on about their business. Just dont force Christians to do it. :shrug:


They did not ask for the right to ban abortifacients. They asked for the right now to not pay for abortifacients. Women who work for Hobby Lobby can still go to their doctor and get those types of contraception, they just have to pay out of pocket for them.

Using this ruling to fight informed consent laws is a non-starter, because the informed consent laws do not prohibit one from practicing their religion or force one to do something contrary to their religion. A satanist can still procure an abortion after viewing the said informed consent material (though are they really asserting that procuring an abortion is part of their religion)?

(And really, I had to sit down and look at material relating to my wisdom teeth extraction, so that I could make an “informed consent,” I even had to look at pictures of what was being removed from my mouth).


That is my attitude as well. Go right ahead. And while they are at it, let them put their monument to satan up in Oklahoma or wherever it is they wanted to put a statue of him up. He is the prince of this world anyway. Better that they just take their mask off.

The sooner they all stop dragging their feet in implementing their agenda, the sooner eyes will be opened, and then we commence to rebuilding our devastated civilization.


I think they are saying the laws mandating that they be handed the documents or sign papers saying they received it or have a delay between the request for an abortion and the performing of it are against their religion and should not be applied to them. Selective enforcement of the laws based on religion is what it sounds like they are looking for.


I think they’re desperately grasping to make this non issue into an issue. Satanists arent being forced to do anything against their “religion.” They have a poor case IMO.

Ironically, the golden rule of Satanism is “Do what thou wilt.” Basically they have no real morals or rules anyway. And if someone chose to do something against Satanism, they should be fine with that completely because that is what one wills. :shrug:


This plus infinity!!! Satan laughs at these people on a daily basis knowing that they have bought into the his lies. It is beyond sad.:frowning:


Hobby Lobby is a private company with Christian values. Satanists are a quasi-religion. I don’t see the legal precedence. For the Satanists to have a legal leg to stand on, the court would have had to grant all religions an exemption.




I completely agree. We need to pray for these Satanists that they would be converted.


This article is more in depth:

“All women who share our deeply held belief that all their personal choices should be made with access to the best available information, undiluted by biased or false information, are free to seek protection with this exemption whether they are members of the Satanic Temple or not,” Satanic Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves said in the temple’s press release…

Beyond the legal standing of religious beliefs, though, what the Satanic Temple’s challenge highlights most is the perceived disparity between deeply held religious convictions and deeply held convictions, period. For Greaves, the same conviction cited in the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision should apply regardless of where that belief comes from.

“If you’re going to say that because you don’t believe in a personal God or a personal Satan, that you’re deeply held belief is meaningless, that makes no sense,” said Greaves. “You’re privileging a superstition.”


They were being forced to pay for the contraceptives. These women aren’t being forced to do anything. All that is happening is that they are being given a pamphlet, which they don’t have to read. The responsibility of these laws is on the doctor, not the patient. (and I use those terms very loosely.) I suppose one could argue that requiring doctors to provide that info might go against the doctor’s beliefs, but that doesn’t seem to be the case they are making.


Are they requiring the Satanists to pay for these pamphlets?

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