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Under the protestant doctrine of Sola Fide, faith only, doesn't that mean that Satan is also saved? Doesn't Satan believe in Christ as well? Asking for an honest answer. If I have misunderstood the protestant doctrine, then by all means, please correct me.


Satan forgot to say the “Sinner`s Prayer”!


Oh, Satin shurely believes; he just doesn't **like** that what he believes is true.


I'm guessing that the Protestant answer would be that Satan doesn't accept Jesus as his Lord and thus has no faith in that regard.


What's the sinner's prayer?


He would have to, since Jesus existed with the Father and the Holy Spirit from the beginning.


I think the sinners prayer is that you accept Jesus as your own personal Lord and saviour, and by accepting Jesus as your own personal Lord and saviour then that’s the faith you need. The problem is the exact standard they use really can’t be found in scripture, and even if you sort of squint at some of the passages that seem as if they might support that standard, you have to ingore a whole great lot of scripture in order to maintain that belief.

But, in the end I’m not sure if this is the best way to attack Sola Fide because it will be ignored for the reason I stated above.


It`s a prayer said by Fundamentalists, Evangelicals, Penticostals etc to God, acknowledging their sins and need of salvation, and accepting our Lord as their personal Lord and Saviour.
Wikipedia gives a much better run down.

Only problem with some, of course, is the “Once saved, always saved.” bit as you`ve probably already encountered.

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