Satan's goal

Why is satan’s goal to bring all human beings ultimately into hell ? Is this simply a case of “misery loves company” ? And, why should a Loving God permit this ? I am a very simplistic Catholic “believer”.

Satan doesn’t want us in hell so he can hang out with us. He loathes us.

His “mission” is to corrupt that what God has made, especially beings made in God’s image and likeness.

God permits Satan to do this for the same reason he permits any person to commit a serious sin. He has given us all the gift of freewill, and that means we can chose between good and bad without being compelled by God.

I would rename this post, God’s goal. I believe God gave mankind freewill because it is good. Mankind has ability to make and face choices. I oft think how difficult it would be in this world if we were instructed how to be. Take a left when you’ve decided to take a right. Don’t go out when you’re all dressed and ready to head out. After a while it could be maddening to say the least. So we are blessed with freewill. God loves us. He would NEVER want bad for us. He is a loving God. It is when mankind freely accepts to reject God’s loving presence that mankind is punished by hell. The evil one is there to lead the downtrodden mankind further into the pit, if mankind chooses to do so. It is in CHOOSING GOD that one finds Him there with open and loving arms. We all face this choice one way or another. Growing older or sickness often bring out the yearning to be with God one day in Heaven. REPENT! Give up the bad choices for better ones or good ones! Choose God and He will always choose you right back.

Satan in the god of this world. (Jn). He draws us by the temptation of the world, the flesh, the devil. Our soul’s home is in Heaven. Yet the flesh, the world, draw us downwards into the Hell. Earth is somewhere in between Heaven and Hell.

Satan is a real being. Yet he is the also the personifcation of ‘the world’, society, capitalism, the flesh, sex, money. All are evil, all weigh down the soul. His motive is like gravity- an irrational downward weight…

Satan is not a god. There is only one God.

Nowhere does John call Satan a god. The spirit of the world, the spirit of the Antichrist, the Devil, but not a god.


You need to add “socialism and communism” to this list instead of capitalism;).

I understand why you use Nihilist as your screen name now that I have reread your post.

Sex is not evil. It was created by God so that species could procreate, part of God’s design. Neither is Society evil. It too was given to us by God so that we could have an existence ordered toward the good of all.

All was created good and very good by God. It is man that corrupts aspects of these. They are not evil in-and-of themselves.


I don’t think that we know what the goal is, but we do know that his method involves killing us. So it doesn’t matter no matter what his goal is, we need to oppose him.

Well, what other angel, fallen or not, have powers like Satan does? If satan is not some kind of ‘god’, every single other angel would have exactly the same powers and abilities he does…right?

Ive always wondered why God would enable satan with such power, especially being that he committed the worst sin any angel could ever commit…doesnt really make sense to give your enemy so much power when they go against your will.

Seems more likely to me that right at the moment satan did what he did, and at least after he corrupted 1/3 of Gods other angels, God would have just destroyed them on the spot…but he did the opposite, gave satan MUCH more power over humans, gave him his own ‘domain’ in a way, to rule over, gave him many many demons to continue to serve him… very strange to me…this does not sound like something a just God would do…but he did…??

This could lead many to believe that since Satan seemed to gain when he fell, it may be that when us mortals sin and fall, and remain in a life of sin, we would also gain, just like satan did.

Look at it in the most general way first of all. Free will, by its nature, allows for the possibility of creation acting outside of the will of God, which is de facto evil. As for humans, with Adam’s sin the contest is on: will man desire or continue to desire autonomy from God or not? It really doesn’t matter what satan wants in the end; he may be our sworn enemy but evil, opposition to God’s will, permeates all of human affairs in any case now and we must do battle with it; we must decide whether we’ll choose good or evil, heaven or hell, life or death, God or something-anything-less than God above all else. We decide whether or not we’ll be brought down by evil in the end. And our choice, with the help of grace, is what determines our integrity and holiness-our ultimate worth in God’s eyes IOW.

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