Satan's House, Unity, and Conspiracy Theories

This thought came to my mind when I was researching the Charlie Hebdo killings and stumbled upon this.

Now in all my time on this forum, the idea of saying ‘I am secularism.’ is possibly an even bigger insult to Catholicism compared to Jack Chick. (Personally, I actually think taking such offense that way is a little ridiculous but there’s more to it than that.) These same Catholics are also the ones who would demonize Islam and continue to decry acts of terrorism as satanic.

What I don’t understand is: If these demographics supposedly represent ‘the Enemy,’ why then are they pointing their proverbial swords at each other instead of uniting against Christianity? So far, only conspiracy theorists make obscure attempts to link all non-Christian sectors of humanity as members of Satan’s house.

Yet Christ Himself stated that if a house is divided against itself, it cannot stand. Satan cannot go against Satan. Are Catholics left no option but to believe in conspiracy theorists who think all these conflicts between secularists, Muslims, as well other non-Catholic/Christian faiths are staged to garner false sympathy?

At the risk of creating a strawman, this is the problem in case someone actually dares to accept this line of thinking: You are doubly insulting the non-believer’s intelligence.

For example, what if a good Muslim/Buddhist/Agnostic/Pagan actually believes in the spiritual values of his/her world view and sincerely sees it’s their path? This is one of the major problems I have with the idea of Satan being some all-knowing schemer who deals in deception and half-truths. It’s like you’re suggesting he dupes different non-believers with contrasting beliefs in order drive his own agenda but ignore the very real possibility that they would also stand against him because he doesn’t believe in them either.

Let me leave you all with an analogy. Say Satan is this typical, Anti-Christ politician who does manage to ‘unite’ different religious beliefs under his banner. The little Christian hero thinks they’re all one and the same. In reality though, they’re not. Heck, plenty of them seem ideologically opposed to one another and that the only thing they ever have in common is that they’re not Christian. You manage to set that aside, what’s going to keep them from realizing that they’re just being played by the guy in the red suit? Better yet, what if they do?

What happens when ‘Satan’s House’ isn’t actually united? :shrug:

We need to differentiate Satanic activity from human evil.

Really, human life gins up most of its own evil without lapsed-angelic assistance, IMNAAHO.

And human evils often do come into conflict. Consider the Third Reich and the CCCP.


If some parts of this forum are any indication, we are dangerously behind in that department.

I think you are right. You might not be all that ‘Lost’. :slight_smile:

What’s sad is that more investment is still being made in ‘spiritual warfare’ and the need to establish Satan as a supposedly ‘real entity.’

Regardless whether or not he’s real, I think even the Pope (like many other Catholics) should see the growing contradictions between ecumenism and a movement of so-called ‘exorcists’ whose rhetoric demonizes non-Abrahamic faiths.

I am not sure I understand what you are getting at.

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