Satans work

I notice that there are many divorces, and I am sure that there are many remarried people in todays society. It is hard to live life without companionship, I know my wife left me. As a Catholic, I hate sin but love the sinner. I believe that the most loving and faithful people draw the most attention from evil trying ruin their faith, hope and love, especially those in loving marriages. How do we fend off such attention from Satan. How do we let others know that they are nurturing sin when they do not help marriage, and how do we help others reconcile a wayword marriage.

It is not our place to determine whether or not a marriage should be reconciled. What happens with a married couple is between them and God.

You are correct, it is, but when you see someone hit by a bus is it between them and God, or would you help them, therofore helping do God’s will. When someone turns from God or is turned from God by sin, do we choose to help Lovingly or do we do nothing, or worse do we encourage the divorce and help sin? I feel as though God would perfer for us to help God’s will, and help the sinner avoid sin, not turn our back on the person, the Holy Unbreakable bond with God, and therefore God himself. I believe we need to make it our place.

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