Satellite dishes

sorry if this has been discussed before couldn’t find it with the search feature…how wrong is it to use a free-to-air reciever…it lets one watch satellite tv without a subscribtion?

The seventh commandment says, “You shall not steal.”

The Catechism of the Catholic Church says, “The seventh commandment forbids unjustly taking or keeping the goods of one’s neighbor and wronging him in any way with respect to his goods.”

By using the converter, you are depriving them of their livelihood. Unless the provider of the satellite signal expressly permits the use of this device, it certainly seems to be a violation of the seventh commandant against theft. If you still have a doubt, try this test: Call the satellite provider and ask them if they consider it theft.


of course they would,i never asked them to send the signal in the first place if it is thier property are they not tresspassing by putting thier signal on my property?

If you look at your response in the light of a reasonable person, don’t think that it is a pretty foolish argument? Do you actually think aircraft need your permission to fly over? That the cell phone companies need your permission to transmit radio waves across your property?

You already know the answer to your own question; you just don’t like it. If you really, truly, don’t, then perhaps ask your priest about it the next time you receive the sacrament of reconciliation.


I think there is some confusion over what you’re intending to do. Free-to-air satellite broadcasts are sent unencrypted with the intent that anyone can watch it with a suitable dish and receiver.

There is nothing unethical or illegal about doing this. That’s why it’s called “free-to-air”. It’s not akin to stealing DIRECTV or Dish Network.

The programming available may be a bit limited. Most of the content is from public broadcasting sources (PBS) or other non-profit groups (EWTN is available, I believe).

Good point. Original poster, is this programming encrypted or does the satellite company intend for people to be able to watch it for free? If you call them and tell them you are doing this, will they say, “Good, go right ahead”? If so, it would of course be no sin to do so.


dude the aircraft aren’t landing on my property…:smiley: …now if answered some else with your tone i would have been blasted but who cares about that …the reciever isn’t hooked up,so chill on the sin eh…

We have an antenna. We currently receive analog signals which are free to anyone. Now, though, we’ve installed a digital converter to get ready for the Feb 09 change. We get not seven channels, but 14 channels now! These are intended to be free.

When the signal goes out or weak from the digital, we unhook the box and go analog again.

There is a danger to this Feb 09 switch, you know. Fortunately, the church will be discussing this issue early next year.

they call the recievers fta but you get all the satellites you want,say if you had the room you could run 6 dishes or more…so they are inline with what T700 says…so the reciever goes back to my friend no money exchanged either way…

Well, you can easily settle the whole issue by asking your priest what he thinks about it.

to be right honest with you i don’t think my parish priest would have a clue as to what i am talking about…not a deference to him cause he is not from n.a. …our last priest didn’t know what a hystorectomny was…i’ll have to do some searching but i am sure there was a case in Canada in regards to satellite dishes and the issue we are into now(regarding the legality of such recievers)and if it could be considered theft…now if the law of the land says it is not theft then is it by the church?like i said the reciever is going back anyhow just dragging things out…

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