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How many messages can a communications satellite receive and transmit per second? If it can transmit 80 thousand to 1 million messages per second, then our holy Mother, every saint and each angel in heaven can hear at least that many or more. Why? If man can create a machine that has the ability to receive and transmit thousands to millions of messages per second, God can give this ability to any heavenly citizen. To deny this is to deny the power of God. Therefore, if a Protestant asks you, “How can Mary or the saints hear our prayers if we pray all at once?” Reply, God is greater than man. Let me tell you about this satellite. Use the satellite name and explain how many messages it receives per second. :slight_smile:

I like it!

OK, what is the actual name of this satellite and what is its communication processing capacity? I want specifics because to state a human made reality is merely to show a shadow of what God can do. Therefore, to deny this would be to deny God’s ability to act on a scale bigger that a human.

If I can speak instantly to anyone else on the planet who has a phone or internet, how can we claim that God cannot communicate with us and those in His presence at the same time? Illogical.

What I am looking for is something like this made-up name “The L-Sat 4126 Satellite by Boeing can process 89 million transactions a second.” God is more powerful than man. He can and does give the power to communicate to those in heaven-- it is called the communion of the saints.

Here’s a start:

Thanks. That link was close enough. I’m thinking about apologetics from the John Martignoni school of thought: Take what is verifiable and challenge the other position.

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