Satellite Sisters

What a delightful Saturday radio show! I just happened to come across the show this morning on…the Progressive radio station. :eek: Actually, it is a syndicated show and Sacramento must have had room on their new “Progressive” station but it may be on a less liberal staion in your area. Five very well educated, intelligent and multi-talented sisters in their forties actually know how to communicate in a friendly and intelligent manner. What a concept!

Here is a list of the stations which carry them.

You can also listen to streaming audio over the internet or download past shows.

The podcast is listed in iTunes as well.

I used to hear their show at 4am Sunday on PBS while driving my daughters to ice skating practice. It was only 1hr/week then. I loved it, and even talked a co-worker who’s a PBS fan into listening to a tape of it. His wife heard it, and puzzled, asked him why he was listening to a “chick show.” :slight_smile:

Now that I’ve found it again, I’ll give it a listen, but I wonder if putting out 18 hours/week the quality of the stories might have dropped off?

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