Satisfying Divine Justice


As I’m sure many of you are aware of, there has been a recent revelation of many years of abuses in Pennsylvania.

Therefore, I have decided that at least for the next year, I will pray every rosary on my knees without padding—whenever I’m able (i.e. whenever I’m not in a car)—in reparation for the sins of the clergy.

Of course, this is but a drop in the bucket compared to what the victims went through. Please remember that it is not un-Christian to pray for justice. Justice is a cardinal virtue. Also remember that anger—in and of itself, and separate from malice—is not immoral.


How does praying the rosary on your knees without padding satisfy divine justice?


Thank You and I will TRY to do this as often as I am able to for my daily Rosary. KEEP THE FAITH!


We are to undertake bodily mortification that could cause damage ONLY under the guidance of a Spiritual Director.


You should talk to your spiritual director about this. And you shouldn’t advertise it.



So are you praying for justice or reparation?


I support that. I interestingly just mentioned that I’m unable to kneel at the moment because of an injury, on another thread. I think I’ve shed more tears over that, than I have over almost anything else, at least in a short period Of time.


To be fair, kneeling while praying, is hardly something out of the ordinary. I don’t see why you would need your spiritual director to tell you to pray, maybe they could help with you praying. I’m sorry if I’m sounding offensive, I just don’t understand what you’re getting at.


Our OP is young, I do not know if they are a teen. Teen bodies are growing. I would imagine that most doctors would not advise kneeling on a hard surface for an extended period of time on a daily basis because of the potential damage to the knee.


Many nuns, Priests and laity do it without harm for years. I do believe it is a way for them to pray and be “closer” to Our Lord. Just saying not recommending to anyone.


We would not want to be giving a young person advice that might cause physical harm is my point. Best he ask his priest about this.


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