Saturday mass - not in English

I started a new seasonal sales position at Nordstrom and my manager has me scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday. She knows that I want to go to church, so she doesn’t put me every Sunday, and when she does she schedules me later so tht I can go in the morning. I would prefer to go on Saturday instead though If I can, but I am scheduled until 6pm, and most of the Catholic churches near me don’t have a 7pm or later mass on Saturdays. I found one Catholic Church in the same city as my work that starts at 6:30pm, but it’s in Spanish.

Is it ok if I go to the 6:30pm mass in Spanish even though I won’t understand it??

Sure, it’s fine. Any Catholic Mass on Sunday or Saturday evening fulfills your Sunday obligation. You may want to get a hold of a missal in English to follow along with the readings or read them online before or after Mass - not a requirement but nice to have something to tie you in.

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Dear Cupcake, even a mass said in Chinese mandarin would be valid for your Sunday obligation. As long as it is in a Roman Catholic Church or even one of the Oriental Churches in communion with the Pope you are fine. GOD does not punish you for circumstances beyond your control.
GOD Bless you, may your faith grow and deepen in you.

Well, youDO know what theyare saying! Look at it as a learning opportunity! Being bilingual in sales has gotta be a plus! Vaya con Dios!

OF COURSE. Go. Pray. Participate to the extent you can. Read the readings on your computer or phone before or after the mass. God is pleased that you are so determined to attend Mass even if it’s in a language you don’t understand. When I first began my (tentative) return to the Church 32 years ago, I was living in Europe. Mass was in Polish (I was attending the University of Krakow) and then later in German (I’d taken a job in Bavaria). I understood next to nothing, but I knew the Mass and said the prayers quietly in English.

It is a learning opportunity. I attend the Spanish Mass sometimes myself just to escape the Anglophone banalism. I more often attend the EF though.

You might want to supplement your attendance at a Spanish Mass by using English resources at your convenience. The Mass readings, texts and audio readings, and short video reflections are available in English at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website.

Also, video recordings of numerous homilies from Sunday Mass in English are archived and available online, including Eternal Word Television Network, CatholicTV, and Heart of the Nation.

Thank you so much everyone for your responses!

I actually ended up going to a morning mass before work on Sunday because I left work a little bit later on Saturday. I felt bad about working on Sunday though, because I asked 3 different priests before I started working this job, and one priest told me same as some of you had said on here… And that it’s how I feel about it, and said it would be ok. Another priest told me it’s always best to take the sabbath for worship of God, family and rest. And another priest told me that if it’s required then it’s ok, basically saying if I have no choice.

I do plan on asking my manager if I could have Sundays off completely, but I just don’t want to ruin my chances on staying there, because I like it as a part time job.

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