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If I become Catholic is it permissible to generally go to Saturday night Mass so that I can be with my wife and four children at my current Protestant Church on Sunday morning? I don’t desire to go for myself but for the sake of my family. I would not take communion at my wife’s church. My interest in Catholicism is straining my marriage and my hope is that this arrangement might help ease the tension if I did convert.


A Catholic is always free to fulfill the Sunday and Holy Day obligations on the evening of the previous day.


Of course you can attend both services.

Work out ahead of time how you are going to handle the Holy Days of Obligation, especially Christmas. For many one-convert family these sneak up and suddenly there is a problem because Christmas falls on a Monday or on a Saturday and the non-Catholic cannot grasp why you have to go to Mass TWICE!

IN general, the strain might be helped a bit by watching together


Yes, that is absolutely OK.


Absolutely you can. A lot of converts do this when their families are not going to convert with them.


How about the whole family going to Mass together on Sunday and then the next you go to your wife´s church as a family? On the Saturday evening you go to Mass (with or without family members) when you are going to your wife´s church on Sunday.

Mention a couple of priests names in the parish and introduce your wife to them. You never know when she wants to talk to a priest regarding faith.


That would be good but she is not at that point yet. Hopefully in time.


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