Saturday Night Live 10/4...Palin Skit again

Care to respond anyone?****

Overall, Biden is very funny…Palin again, equally funny, seemed pretty balanced over all…Tina Fey gets better every week…

Still too early in the evening for us West Coast watchers to reply. I’ll get back to ya.:slight_smile:

Please…I thought very funny…

I thought it was cute and funny. I really don’t want to get re-addicted to watching SNL. I haven’t watched it in years because it hasn’t been funny in general.

For those who missed SNL last night, you can still watch the skit:

Its pretty funny.

Tine Fey hit a GRANDSLAM last night!

She has Palin down to a T and not just the accent :wink:

I bet Palin watched it …but with the sound turned down ya betcha!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The skit was hilarious! Seems to me that SNL is best during an election year!

Outstanding skit! Queen Latifia and Tina Fey were awsome and really funny. :smiley:

I really liked it towards the end when Tina had the flute for the talent contest. I was almost out of my chair with laughter. :smiley:

It was truly one of their BEST!!!

Sarah Palin just stopped through our fair town (Omaha) today Oct 5th… and joked about giving Tina Fey material for her skits and keeping SLN folks employeed… Palin is very good at rallies…

Another reason why I want Palin to win… so Tina Fey could make more appearances on SNL :smiley:

Maybe not one of our main priorities for voting, but good idea!

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