Saturday night live. SNL. weird. disgraceful. moral pervert

Saturday night live.
40 years ago. In the 1970’s it seemed funny.

But . last night . it was disgraceful. Demeaning. Dumb.propaganda.

I guess I’m old. And can’t relate to the modern family

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Do what I do. Don’t watch it.


Wasn’t it a rerun?

I quit watching that show decades ago.

I think it was the one with Chance the Rapper and Eminem.

I didn’t watch on Saturday. I did watch parts when it aired. I thought the Family Feud sketch was funny.

Most TV shows and movies are disgraceful and perverted now. Even cartoons. Look for quality.

I don’t like all the sexual overtones on the actual “Family Feud.” Quit watching it and Steve Harvey.

The last time I watched Family Feud, Richard Dawson was the host.


I didn’t even know he’d been replaced, that’s how much attention I pay to it


I think he might be deceased. Or maybe I’m thinking of Monty Hall, who I know is deceased. I don’t keep up with Hollywood despite the fact that I live in West Los Angeles! Hollywood is spread out way below my house! I am not impressed by celebrity alone. My late dad, however, was a game show addict in his retirement, so I grew up with game shows on the TV.

Edit: Richard Dawson died in 2012. Looked it up.

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Yeah, I loved game shows as a kid when I had no money and couldn’t drive and had nowhere to go, nothing to do but watch TV. Bob Barker and Monty Hall were great. I preferred Richard Dawson (not Dawkins, I constantly confuse the two) on Hogan’s Heroes though.

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Chance the Rapper gets my attention. He does work a Christian message into some of his pieces.

I had forgotten he was on “Hogan’s Heroes!” I liked him, I can tolerate “Let’s Make a Deal.” Wayne Brady is not at all offensive. No one on the show is. “The Price is Right,” which my dad was addicted to, is too frenetic for me…too many sounds and colors and movement. I work at home, and I should be working at any rate, not watching TV. But yes, Bob Barker was just terrific!

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Then don’t watch it.

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I used to like Richard Dawson on Match Game.

Yes, it was a rerun.

I don’t think it’s that simple. If it were, we could just turn a blind eye to all the world’s ills.

People like to relax with a TV show or movie, or at least some people do, and they want quality programming if they are quality people.

In addition, I think it behooves all of us to ask why society is so degraded now that it feels rudeness, nudity, overt sexuality, etc. are acceptable entertainment.

The same could be said for SSM - just pay no attention to it. Don’t do it. Don’t acknowledge it. It’s not that simple. TV is a reflection of society.

SNL . seems to be propaganda. But I see that in the new TV shows . like

Modern family. And others

SNL has always pushed the limits. That’s why it’s a hit with viewers.

Pushing limits is one thing but just spreading propoganda is another. It’s just not funny anymore. i check it out like once a month and its like watching CNN.

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