Saturday Night Live

I am not a watcher of this show but I did see the skit on Nancy Pelosi and San Francisco values. She brought up the age of consent, making it age 12 and then said but make sure there are no peanut products.

Their humor is all over the place. Who can forget Dana Carvey’s Church Lady? What a sharp mockery of fundamentalism.

And then there’s the infamous “Father” Guido Sarducci. I saw an autographed photo of him in a restaurant smoking, wearing that saturno, and I laughed out loud – probably because I’m part Italian.

The church lady rocks! And that IS special!
Best part of the whole show, IMO.

I’ve watched SNL for years, and I’ve often said that it is one of the most politically and morally conservative shows on TV, and also a show that is very friendly to Christianity.

Several years back, they aired a skit with Sherry O’ Teri in which two Italian ladies were arguing about which of their lawn manger scenes was better. One of them picked up the Baby Jesus from her manger scene and was going to throw it at the other lady. Just then, a caroling choir strolled by singing about Jesus, and the lady sheepishly laid down her “weapon” and made peace with her old friend.

There have been quite a few skits of this type on the show.

Also, many of the moral values pushed in the skits have been “good.” Many of the skits make those who practice promiscuous sex look very un-cool. This is so different than other media portrayals of skanks, who are portrayed as great role models.

Also, often homosexuals are portrayed in very unflattering ways on SNL. Again, this is so different than other media portrayals, which attempt to make homosexuals out to be moral, upstanding citizens who are just like everyone else, only better and wiser. I’m not saying that people should insult homosexuals and caricature them. I’m saying that this group of people is often glamorized by entertainment media, whereas in reality, they are people caught up in a practice that our Church has called “sin.”

There have been quite a few guest hosts on the show who are “conservatives,” notably Charleton Heston and John McCain. The Heston skits about Moses were so funny, especially the one where Bill Clinton challenged him about the “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery” commandment! And the McCain skit where he dissed Barbra Streisand (“I shouldn’t sing, and she shouldn’t make political speeches!”) was a conservative’s dream-come true!

I thought the “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” skit with Eddie Murphy was pretty funny, and demonstrated the sad fact that ghetto life is often made worse by its own inhabitants preying on each other.

After 9/11, I thought that the SNL skits were extremely patriotic and touching. I loved the one where Will Farrell came to work in that red, white, and blue thong!

I don’t want to be naive. There is definitely some bad stuff on SNL, including an overuse of the “a” word, and a lot of the actors live trashy lives outside the show. But for the most part, compared to many other shows, SNL teaches better values for kids, Christians, and conservatives than something like “Will and Grace” or “Sex in the City.”

If you’d like to explore my theory more, we can “talk amongst ourselves” for a while.

Let me give you a topic… The Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire… DISCUSS!


Another funny skit is “myspace” but NBC hasn’t allowed the video to be posted.

From NBC site…

A group of adults are at a class teaching them how to set up a MySpace page. Nancy admits that she’s there to find out what all the hullabaloo is about, but the rest of the class is made up of creepy men who are very curious about whether or not they can lie about their ages on MySpace.

The teacher, Danny, checks out what the guys in the class are doing and sees that many of them are lying about their ages to make themselves appear to be teenagers. One of them names his profile “Naughty Girls Hotstuff” and Danny warns him that he’s going to get a lot of teenage boys approaching him online. “Oh, I don’t want that,” the guy nervously says.

The class continues until a cop comes in to teach a community policing class, but the “students” get the wrong idea and bolt from the classroom.

I hardly ever watch this show anymore (I lost my cool card years ago) but I’ve caught this episode at least three times now. SNL and South Park have a way of landing on traditional/conservative morals. Humor is very powerful; it gets to say what we want to say but can’t because we’ll look like loons or jerks.

We need more cowbell!

Funniest show ever!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

I must say, I had the honor of watching the Blue Oyster Cult Cowbell skit on its first airing during the 99-00 season. My soon-to-be wife and I knew it was going to be classic.

Regarding the Church Lady, I’ve heard Dana Carvey based her, to a large extent, on Mother Angelica.

Yes! The Cowbell skit! I have a picture of this up next to my piano! And last year during a high school band concert (I accompanied one of the songs on piano), I managed to ruin it by whispering to one of the teenagers sitting next to me, “They need more cowbell.” The teenager passed the message on to the teenager sitting next to him, and she passed it down, and within two minutes, all the teenagers were cracking up and eventually the adults got the message and started cracking up, and the poor band kept playing bravely while the audience was snickering and trying to keep from rolling on the floor. I felt pretty guilty about it.

Mother Angelica? Funny, I thought Church Lady was based on an elderly Lutheran lady in my city. I won’t mention her name because I know that every Christian in my city knows her, even though our city has 150,000 people in it. I’m positive that Dana Carvey met her and based his skit on her. She IS the Church Lady!

I’m not a fan of the show but the political debates are hysterical.

Also, it was a pretty moving moment after 9-11, when Paul Simon opened the show singing The Boxer.

They had a dialogue between the producer and then Mayor Giuliani. Lorne Michaels asked, “Can we be funny?” Giuliani quipped, “Why start now?”

Yes, that is a moment I won’t forget. I was working on an Army installation and it was the first time anyone had laughed in quite a while. Re: Dana Carvey’s inspiration, I know I heard it somewhere, but perhaps it’s just urban Catholic legend.:stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, maybe I’m incorrect about the Lutheran church lady. Maybe Dana Carvey met the “church lady” that I knew down in North Carolina at the Christian and MIssionary Alliance church–she even wore the same dresses and hat that he wore.

Or maybe he met the Baptist church lady that I grew up with.

Or maybe that lady that my husband grew up with at his Assemblies of God church!

sigh–it seems that there are a lot of church ladies around.

Seriously, I honestly don’t think that he was mimicking Mother Angelica. Church Lady was a layperson, and THAT’S what made her so appealing–she was one of US, the laity, the people in the pews!

She could be our mom, our grandma, our old Sunday school teacher, the treasurer of the choir, the chairperson of the Meet and Eat group!

She was US, not a nun! THAT’s what made the skit so funny–even though she wasn’t a religious person by profession (nun, pastor, missionary, etc.), she ACTED like one; in fact, she acted holier than a professional religious person!

I thought I heard Dana Carvey on a talk show say that the church lady was loosly based on old ladies in his church growing up. When his family missed church, the old bitties would say things like, “Oh the Carvey’s - we missed you last week. Were you to busy to visit God, hmmm?” —KCT

Was that her old lady character who was always on the porch wearing a mu- mu and hollering at the neighbors? I had forgotten all about her!!

After 9/11, I thought that the SNL skits were extremely patriotic and touching. I loved the one where Will Farrell came to work in that red, white, and blue thong!

I had to avert my eyes during that one. Way too much showing! —KCT


Feb. 23

Annuale(Seasonale birth control pills)…

Mike Huckabee was on Saturday Night Live. It was about his not having a chance to win but I’m still not sure I’m allowed to post it.

Also there was a skit about the bias of the media and politicians but again I’m probably not allowed to post due to the politicians in the skit.

The birth control thing was freakin’ hellarious and right on, imo.

The best thing I ever saw on SNL was when Joe Pesci had the torn up picture of Pope John Paul II taped back together, and he said a little something about Sinade O’Connor tearing it up the week before. That was great, and a great thing he did for the holy father.

Sorry, Annuale is gone. I should have saved it as I wanted to show my daughter.

They took the video off Youtube and every other site.Saturday Night Live most likely has it copyright.

They took it off Youtube so here is another link.

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