Saturday night


All Saints, November 1, is a solemnity. Saturday night mass and / or vespers: All Saints or All Souls anticipated?



*]All Saints morning.
*]All Souls evening.


Except in the Extraordinary From, as All Souls Day is moved to Monday.


Do any EF parishes have Saturday evening Mass?

I think that back in 2008, some using EF had a Sunday evening Requiem for All Souls.


It’s actually optional either way when it comes to the Mass schedule.

The US Bishop’s committee on Divine Worship recommends that parishes schedule Friday evening for All Saints and Saturday evening for All Souls (to be consistent with the typical weekend schedule). This is a recommendation only. Again, either option is acceptable on the evening of November 1.

For the Liturgy of the Hours: All Saints has both Evening Prayer I (Friday evening this year) and Evening Prayer II (Sat. eve.). There is no Evening Prayer I of All Souls because the day-before is always All Saints, regardless of the day of the week. Therefore, Saturday evening is All Saints this year.


Thanks Father.


I know of at least one parish which has Sunday Mass on Saturday evenings in the EF.

However, I do not know for sure what the priest did this week for All Souls (because he doesn’t do EF Masses on Mondays). However, I would imagine that he celebrated the Sunday Mass of the EF, which is not All Souls because All Souls was pushed to Monday this year in the EF.


Father - if a parish celebrated All Saints Day Mass on Saturday night, would it have met the Sunday Obligation? I’m just curious.

Thank you and God Bless you for your priesthood and being part of these forums.


It would meet the obligation of canon 1247 (explained in 1248). So, yes, a person would fulfill the Sunday obligation.

I personally feel that there’s a certain moral obligation that goes beyond the canonical obligation. This topic came up in a different thread quite some time ago. I only mention it because you might find some old posts of mine where I did a poor job of articulating that.


Since the ordinary form has All Souls on Saturday evening and Sunday, and there is no transfer, it seems logical that the extraordinary form would have All Souls on Sunday evening and Monday, since there is a transfer, and leaving Saturday (later) evening of Sunday.


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