Saturday vigil masses


Sorry for posting a similar topic as to my previous post. But, I really want to be sure of the Saturday masses that I attend are counted toward Sunday obligations. The mass time on Saturdays that I usually attend starts at 4pm. So, does this count as Sunday mass? If so, why is it different for Easter Vigil?

Some churches here don’t have the 4pm mass on Holy Saturday, but I know two churches have that mass time for sure. Would it be ok if I went to this mass time? Or, I’m I safer going to a later mass time?


Yes it is good. Also it is not different for Easter Vigil, the liturgical propers used are irrelevant. The obligation to rest from labors on Sunday remains. For solemnities and Sundays the obligation is fulfilled on the evening of the previous day, which prior to 1983 was not earlier than 4 PM. In the 1983 canon law the time was* intentionally* made vague and so it may be even earlier than 4 PM (afternoon).


Since the Easter Vigil mass must begin after sunset, will a 4:00 mass on Holy Saturday be an Easter liturgy and therefore fulfill the Easter obligation? Maybe the directive about beginning after sunset doesn’t apply to the whole Church and only to those I’ve attended?


The obligation is fulfilled even if not an Easter Vigil Mass. The Mass obligation extension to the prior day exists for Sundays and Solemnities to allow flexibility, but does not require a particular Mass proper.


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