Satyameva Jayate, Truth Alone shall Triumph-New TV show that rocked India

Hello All,

I wanted to share a new TV show that started last Sunday which rocked India immediately after airing the first episode. It is hosted by the most famous and respected and loved Bollywood Actor Amir Khan.

The first episode was about Female Foeticide. I was thrilled to watch as he broke open the dark secrets and treated the Life issue with utmost respect and sancitity. He talked about Indians declining female population.

I hope and pray, once we India realise that killing a girl child is in the womb is wrong and sin, they will realise that killing any child is wrong. And finally we will do away with legal abortions all together.

Please select English to watch the show with English Subtitles. The Audio is only in Indian Languages. The show was aired in 6 Indian Languages, in many channels at the same time even by the National TV. Also they organised special shows in the villages and towns where there are no electricity or TV.

It took Indian by storm. Nation was shocked. BTW Rajasthan Governemnt already confirmed that they will set up a special court to prosecute all doctors who are accused of female foeticide.

Pay for us in India please.

Truth only shall triumph. Satyameva Jayate.


That’s great to hear my brother! Keep praying, with God on our side we will never lose!

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