Saudi anti-Christian sweep prompts calls for US involvement


The Italian government argues that Muslims can pray anywhere, and do not need a mosque. Hence a ban on mosque buildings since 2008.

And we know that Saudi Arabia has a ban on Christian churches.

This shows that a stand is taken at both ends. The greater question? Where does and will USA stand? I don’t see that middle ground is possible. Is it mosque or Christian church? One or the other.



We can thank Pres. FD Roosevelt for beginning the oil deals with Saudi Arabia. Back in the day - it was just sand, camels and tents. Then came the oil $! As time passed the Saudis bought anything they wanted - including labor. Labor became something only
foreigners did. So - what happens when you don’t live your life with meaningful work? You have to get others to do the jobs for you and that includes defending yourself! Some like to say America has gone the same way but not exactly. Some certainly but not the backbone!
So we need to stop pretending its charitable to provide welfare credit cards to 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation manipulators. Those who DEMAND their provisions from others loose their freedom and want others to have less than themselves. IMO



I don’t see it either, where everyone stands varies with millage, but most are also in la-la land and think everything will be fine and it will continue to rain skittles. However, the glaring inconsistency with equal rights is rather hard to miss as are the double standards.

Basically by large we are persecuting the Christians, Catholic Church and Evangelicals and favoring Islam I believe as I read. :slight_smile: If the Catholic Church is “extreme” aside from the Baptist, than who is not extreme? :confused: Who’s the “Good Christians”?



I think you are saying the majority are in the the middle with skittles on their mind.

The ‘good Christian’ is the one who will find his/her way to a mosque.

Try or to see the prevalence around the world…particularly within a 30 mile radius to you.


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