Saudi Arabia Agrees to Support Syria and Yemen Safe Zones

In call, Trump and Saudi King shared similar views about Iran & at Trump’s request, King agreed to support Syria & Yemen safe zones -WH


Is “energy cooperation” euphemism for “buy more saudi oil and become economically tangled”?

What are these “safe zones,” specifically?

It’s what I’ve been talking about all along: that safe zones are created in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, ect. for refugees so they don’t have to migrate elsewhere. We set-up areas under international military protection for these folks and provide humanitarian assistance.

It’s the message that hasn’t gotten through thanks in no small part to all of the useless virtue-signaling about North American and the Western EU blindly taking in people who could be dangerous.

That would certainly be a lot less risky in terms of national security. How do they work? Do the refugees go to camps in otherwise uninhabited parts of their respective countries? Do you have specific countries in mind who would provide military protection? Are any specific military forces for or against safe zones?

:hmmm: Will have to see how it works out, I am nervous of Saudi Arabia. I would prefer the US help set up something in Iraq.

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I suspect the UN will be against it. They are supposed to be providing security to the current refugee camps. They are not doing a great job either. Christians are not generally welcomed, children are sold to traffickers, and there is garbage and crime everywhere.

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