Saudi Arabia Deports Almost 40,000 Pakistanis


Haven’t seen this in the news in the US, but with the immigrant issue so prominent, it makes you wonder why. Political correctness?


This definitely calls for mass protests. Maybe some “Not My Absolute Islamic Monarchy” signs for starters :D.


Awesome that you think this is so funny, cool cool.


Saudi Arabia is the bar we should govern by, obviously.


The Saudis are obviously anti-Muslim bigots.


Are you not ready to protest the injustice of Saudi Arabia and their racist policy?


I think those who run Saudi ARabia are concerned about their own survival above everything else, and probably have good reason to be. Wonder what percentage of the Saudi population would cut their leaders’ heads off if they could? I’m guessing it would be surprisingly high. And after the current leaders’ heads were removed, the contesting parties could start cutting each others’ heads off.

I think if I were a Saudi prince, and given the unrest among the Pakistanis in S.A., I would opt for fewer Pakistanis and perhaps more Filipinos to do the labor there. But neither thing would be “racist”.




I know its not racist, lol, I was playing Devil’s Advocate. It seems Saudi Arabia is following our lead, or not, for the same reason, security.

BTW I’m waiting for the next play to be called and we start hearing that Saudi Arabia is Islamaphopic!!!:smiley:


Without question! :thumbsup:

In fact, Saudi Arabia has even refused refugees! :eek:


Unlike many First World nations, the idea of self-preservation is still strong there.


I am curious WHY. Pakistan is majority Sunni but does have a lot of Shia. The Saudi government (even though there a good chunk of Shia Saudis) does NOT like Shia Muslims. It says “fears terrorist attacks”, but I think that is only part of the story. I have a Saudi friend that I will ask if I remember to.


The main reason why they did not accept refugees according to them, is that the refugees are too different in culture and will have a hard time assimilating to the local culture.

Even though they share a common religion they do not share a common culture.


The idea of self preservation is also common in Japan and South Korea and they are First World nations.


Crickets are deafening in here!


That’s a good enough reason for me! :thumbsup:


I have a theory why. I am afraid it is not printable here. It got to do much with the Pakistanis, what the Saudis think of them. Religion is nothing to do with it.


Ding, ding, ding!

We have an anwer.

I know several Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who have worked in Saudi Arabia and they encountered a lot of racism there. I also know a Jordanian and an Iraqi and they shake their heads at the treatment they have received at the hands of the Saudis.


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