Saudi Arabia Deports Christians for Celebrating Assumption of Our Lady


Saudi Arabia departed 27 Christians for celebrating the Catholic feast of the Assumption in a private home, this article begins. They were deported this August because their prayer was un-Islamic and because they had a Bible. Then this article goes on to speak of the harsh forbidding of Christianity in that country.


If I’m ever there and can’t afford a ticket home,

I’ll be cracking out my Rosary

and singing Marian hymns. :heaven:

:bigyikes: Departed? I read deported.

Departed sounds severe!


Wonder if Hillary Clinton will protest this.

Well, they did pay her millions of dollars, so maybe not.
And, after all, it’s a Catholic thing to do and celebrating the Assumption might be another thing she wants to “change” in our religion along with abortion.

So, I’m guessing she won’t raise a fuss about it.


Even if one of the candidates did criticize this wretchedness, neither one is about to alter foreign policy one whit.

The Saudis will remain our “loyal allies” until the world ends or their oil runs out, whichever comes first.


They’ve always had a bad record with… any non-Sunni Muslims who take their faith seriously. The Saudi government put a fence around the oldest standing church, a fourth-century Nestorian church called the Jubail Church, so that nobody can worship in a non-Muslim manner there (and they also banned archaeologists from going there).


It’s such a joke, and an even bigger joke that they are on the UN Human Rights council. UN can get stuffed and I hope Australia leave it. Saudi is certainly not my ally, and I wouldn’t aid anyone who were allied with them.

God Bless

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They got off easy. This is Saudi Arabia we’re talking about. They love capital punishment more than they do in Texas.


I don’t know which one will come first, but it will probably have something to do with the other…


Hillary Clinton during 2015 visit to Saudi Arabia

“Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will,” she explained. “And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed. **-- Hillary Clinton, 6th annual Women in the World Summit, 2015 **


And yet the Vatican has called for Catholics to learn more about Islam, in order to have a less negative attitude toward Muslims.



But this is Saudi Arabia, which is not a representative of all Muslims. (Of course, Saudi Arabia is undeniably Muslim.)


Saudi Arabia is the heart of Islam. Mecca is to Muslims what the Vatican is to Catholics.

Rome has mosques, temples and synagogues,

Tolerance of other religions is not part of Islam where Islam is the major religion and hasn’t been since the days of Mohamed.



I don’t need to learn more about Islam…I know enough from history


Ironic isn’t it? the more I learn, the more hostile I am becoming to it.

The fact that apostasy is punishable by death is unbelievable, and that this is practiced in Saudi Arabia (Among other Islamic countries too, although some in milder forms such as prison and lashes etc), and they are on the UN Human Rights Council, totally unbelievable.

And it isn’t isolated to this alone, there’s also Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha at age 6 and consummation at age 9. And there are others and I suspect there will be some more as I learn more.

And that many people triumphing Islam, are also triumphing LGBTQIA stuff is totally nonsensical. It’s as if they are totally oblivious that homosexuality is punishable by death under Sharia Law.

And than no doubt the Clinton side of things will accuse Christians for saying that marriage is between a man and a woman, but will go to Saudi Arabia and wear the Hijab etc and not say a word about how they are put to death over there.

The only reason I think we are where we are today, is because so many of us don’t know much about Islam (I even remember learning a bit about Islam at school, but it was only to do with the 5 Pillars such as ‘Hajj’ they all must go on in their lifetime etc, they didn’t mention a word about Sharia law. I guess I know why, it’s so dangerous too, because it gives people the delusion that they do know all about Islam), so we might meat someone who is Islamic, and they might be a nice person, and than one wrongly assumes the religion is that way too.

As St Augustine said “Never judge a philosophy by it’s abuse” and that’s the key I think, when a Muslim doesn’t get put to death for leaving Islam, is that due to heresy in Islam or faithfulness? when a homosexual isn’t put to death, is that heresy in Islam or faithfulness? When a Muslim marries a 6 year old, is that heresy in Islam or faithfulness? Slavery? etc

So I think there are some serious issues with Islamic Ideology that are hardly ever mentioned, however, I wouldn’t want to close borders down completely, as some of them could even be hostages to it, considering leaving is punishable by death in Islam, I would prefer if people did learn about Islam and were vigilant in separating the wolves from the sheep so to speak.

Anyway, just some of my thoughts.

I hope this has helped

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The only problem I think with that approach, is that there is dirty history everywhere from all people and sides of the coin. The key I think is as St Augustine said about judging a philosophy by it’s abuse.

I hope this has helped

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Its a lot more complicated than you make it out to be.

Look, I’m Indian and a secularist - trust me when I say I understand the issues with Islam. Technically, my civilization has had the longest standing issue, even pre-dating the Jews.

But you need to zoom in a little closer about the intra-religious issues within Islam vis-a-vis the rest of the Muslim world.

Saudi’s tend to come off as Arrogant to most other Muslims. Why? Because, the Saudis come off with a kind of “chosen people” mentality regarding where they stand in terms of Islam.

Yes - to them, there is a pecking order - which goes like:

Saudi Muslims > Arab Muslims > Other Muslims > Rest of World

This is an attitude that actually runs counter to the teachings of their Prophet, but has been in practice since the Umayyad Caliphate. You don’t have to take my word for it,but the Umayyads weren’t even interested in converting people of other faiths - but if you were an Arab and Not a Muslim - you were a prime target for conversion or execution.

So i had several colleagues back in India and Bangladesh who went to work in the Gulf because well… the money is good. These are PhDs by the way - Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, etc. Several of them also happen to be Muslim.

You know what they get called to their face? Like around the Water cooler at work?

Ya Abdi = Arabic for “Slave.”

And those are the well-educated ones they -need-.

I can go into the massively abusive relationship the Saudi Government and its people tend to have with foreign workers… and here i’m thinking about the ones coming from Pakistan specifically. You know, Pakistan, the mostly Muslim majority country.

Its heart-breaking, absolutely heart-breaking especially the teens and twentysomething Pakistani and Indian Muslim women who are coming from some of the most impoverished socio-economic backgrounds, move to the Gulf States looking for work, can only find the most menial of jobs due to lack of education so either as a maid, a nanny, or a dancing bar girl.

And I mean something like this but a lot less classy ->

…and then they just up an “disappear” one day.

This isn’t an out of the ordinary chain of events. And when governments like Pakistan, India, or Bangladesh put in formal protests against the Saudi Government on behalf of their citizens…what do you think happens?

Do you think there’s some sort of massive Muslim love-in where they all get together and they say “we’re sorry?”


because from birth many Saudi Arabians have it inserted into their heads that they are better than all other Muslims. And this supposed status somehow gives them certain…lets call it “privileges” that no other Muslim can have.

The attitude of all other Muslims of course, is that this is BS.

IRONICALLY - this is one of the issues that jyhadists like Osama Bin Laden are capable of mobilizing people on. Because, like i said, it does actually state within their Prophet’s Hadith and in the Qur’an that there should be no difference between a convert and someone born into the faith…unless they are a woman of course.


The government of Saudi (allegedly) allows private practice of non-Islamic religions. This is obviously not true. Oddly enough, I know from some Saudis, you can actually read the Bible online there. (Not always easy, but possible)


Sure, there is the political/cultural Saudi Arabia, but then there is the religious aspect of Saudi Arabia.

If were just the cultural, Muslims would’ve stopped making their Hajj to Mecca. But the religious component of Saudi Arabia is far more important to Muslims, especially the Sunni, than the Saudi government. They do look for the Saudi Government to protect the heartland of Islam, and Osama Ben Laden himself got into a conflict with the government, when he opposed them, when they allow the US military into the sacred land during the 1st Gulf War. He told them that if they allow the US into the Middle East, they will never leave. Well, despite everything bad about Bib Laden, he was right on this aspect.

But lets look outside of Saudi Arabia. Whether it’s in Pakistan, Egypt, Iran or Indonesia, tolerance by leaders of Islam is cordial publicly, while they hold a clenched fist, to use president Obama’s words.

Muslims are tolerant when they’re the minority, but not so tolerant when they’re the majority and especially when they have a theocratic Islamic government on their side.



This has been going on for a long time while the US allows Saudi funded US mosques.


B-but they are our gracious ally! :rolleyes:

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