SAUDI ARABIA - Riyadh arrests Raif Badawi’s sister for discussing human rights on the internet [AN]


Police detained Samar Badawi with her two year old daughter. After a four-hour interrogation they brought her to Dhaban prison. The woman is charged with managing the social media profile of activist and ex-husband Waleed Abulkhair, currently serving 15 years in prison. Activists: “overwhelming evidence” of human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia.



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Nawal al-Hawsawi is outspoken, black, a qualified pilot and married to a white man - everything her critics say a Saudi woman shouldn’t be.

But despite receiving waves of abuse on social media, she refuses to bow to convention and hits back at her detractors “with love”.

Al-Hawsawi has become something of a star on social media. She has amassed almost 50,000 followers on Twitter, where she posts about the importance of racial diversity and marriage equality. But not everyone reading her feed is a fan.


Wow, :eek: 1,000 lashes and 10 years in prison (Saudi Arabia style)! Can’t help but wonder what the h… we have been doing, the US, and the other countries that profess to be free and leaders of the world. Oil bargained for with Saudia Arabia by FDR just has NOT been worth buying to end up with the likes of this. The lashes are reserved for the brother who voiced opposition and the sister who helped him manage his social networking will most likely receive a couple ton of stones applied (prison if survival should occur).

So, the price of oil has dropped drastically - are we still buying? Think we can get our own sources to replace a need to buy theirs? Oh yeah, Obama took his pen and struck down the deal with our neighbor Canada because? Fracking has suffered from overproduction so that has been a non provider. Do we have our own American oil? Oh yes we do! Lots and Lots!


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