Saudi Arabia to set up first Irish Muslim high school in Dublin

The Saudi Arabian government has announced that it plans to open an Islamic school in Dublin.

The Saudi plans were revealed in Arabic on their Web site for the new Saudi embassy in Dublin. The Saudis hope to use the embassy to “further develop our political, trade and cultural relations with Ireland.”

The decision was made at a meeting last month which was attended by members of the education committee Saudi Shura Council.

A report on the Web site said: “It was decided in the meeting to establish a Saudi school to teach the children of Saudi citizens and students residing in Ireland.”


The Government should be strong to enough to say, No, you can build your schools here when Christians in Saudia Arabia are free to worship and build their own schools and Churches, and are free from persecution!

That’s so sad. I hope none of my ancestors attend. :frowning: What right has Saudia Arabia to place a school there anyway?..I’m guessing it comes down to money again… :mad:

You have ancestors that might attend a Muslim school in Ireland?

Anyway, why would the Saudis NOT have a right have a secondary school in Ireland?

No, you can build your schools here when Christians in Saudia Arabia are free to worship and build their own schools and Churches, and are free from persecution!

When it comes to Saudi money, reciprocity is a good starting point. That is what the pope called for at the beginning of his papacy. It is all well and fine to be the first to allow these to be built, but the second would require a first to be built in Saudi.
Otherwise it is merely Saudi Islamic imperialism that we are dealing with and not a fair exchange of ideas.

Pfew. My brain must be fried. My ancestors who stayed on that side of the puddle’s family.

And, no, this is a political ploy to set up this school. The muslims in Britain are trying to undermine the government.

Your ancestors, unless they are fairly recent generations of your family and immediate ancestors, are dead or too old for school I would imagine.

Secondly. this has nothing to do with Britain, unless the British govt. at some point recently re-established British rule in the Republic of Ireland and has now re-established it’s offices in Dublin Castle.

This is not the first Muslim school in Ireland by any means and if we as Catholics have the right to send our kids to faith schools then other people of other faiths living in Ireland equally have that right -which our constitution guarantees them. The Saudi Arabian state is manifestly unfair on the rules regarding religous practises in it’s state but we are talking about another sovreign state where freedom of worship is guaranteed under a constitution.

I said my ancestor’s family. Thank you. :thumbsup:

Still, dearie, they probably paid someone off to say okay, ne? Getting their claws on Ireland isn’t something I appreciate, and I’m sure a lot of people feel the same.

They paid no-one of, and ‘they’ don’t have their claws on Ireland and perhaps you should leave how the Irish feel about Ireland to those of us from there.

The wave of the future, unfortunately. Look at France. :frowning:

When the Muslims are finally the majority population in Europe, will they knock down all those medieval cathedrals, I wonder, or will they just turn them into cow barns or public latrines?

It’s absolutely amazing how many experts on other countries populate these forums, I’d never know how all of Europe was one homogenous bloc till I joined here or how we are all socialist ( that one had me rolling in the aisles btw).

Oh, it’s just reciprocation for all of those Europeans advising us Yanks on how we’re nothing but war-mongering imperialists obsessed with oil profits, etc.

Anyway, isn’t this cozy? Just one big happy family, all of us. :slight_smile:

I don’t advise you on anything of the sort as you will see if you read my posts, I deplore that outlook as it reduces complexity to simplicity and sloganeering. I’m not American so I try to avoid lecturing Americans on affairs internal to their country.

That’s appreciated, but I wasn’t specifically referring to you. :slight_smile: There are those, however.

There are and I think it unwarranted of them, some of them have reduced America to a mental image inconsistent with the reality, the same is true of some Americans here with regards to their view of Europe.

Considering the enormous amount of meddling the West (namely the US, Britain, and France) has done in the Middle East over the past 100 years - that had horrible consequences for too many people to count - I don’t understand what is wrong with there being a Muslim school in Ireland. If it does not violate Irish law, what is the issue?

Furthermore…Muslims invading Europe and knocking down churches? Sounds like something that would come out of Glenn Beck’s mouth.

What connection Britiain’s meddling has with a Muslim school in Ireland though is a question I’d want to ask :confused: Especially considering that if any country in Europe knows about Britain’s meddling it would be Ireland I’d think! As I say I have no problem with the school, it is in keeping with the constitution and since we have faith schools for Protestants and Catholics it would be out of order to deny them to other faiths. No Muslims in Ireland will be knocking down Churches any time soon, the Muslims in the Republic of Ireland come from a fairly diverse bunch of backgrounds and are usually fairly educated literate people. In the UK much of the Muslim population is people from rural and not so well-educated Bangladeshi and Pakistani backgrounds and since there is some culturual homogenity there’s been more scope for terrorist propagandists to get their hooks in -but even there the idea that the UK will soon be overrun by Muslims is straight out of conspiracy 101.

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