SAUDI ARABIA- USA - Riyadh, King Abdullah appoints heir designate to throne [AN]

It is his half-brother Muqrin, an expert in military science, former head of intelligence. Announcement comes a few hours ahead of Obama’s visit. US politicians ask their president to demand respect for human rights: religious freedom, dignity of women, cancellation of ‘anti- terrorism’ laws prohibiting any dissent.


King Abdullah has approximately 30 wives(concubines, girlfriends) with 40 children.

He has 4 of his daughters, by his first wife, imprisoned because they have been speaking out.

Sahar said that the sisters had enjoyed a pampered adolescence but that animosity towards her and her sisters had grown after they began to complain to their father about the poverty endured by most of the Saudi people.

These kings are disgusting men who use wealth to promote their immorality.

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