SAUDI ARABIA - YouTube to respect Islamic laws and customs [AN]


Content providers to the video-sharing website will have to follow “rules and conditions” that respect “the nature of society and laws”, this according to president of the country’s General Authority for Audiovisual Media, a move deemed “alarming, a threat for us,” his according to a content producer.



Now Saudis most likely won’t be able to watch YouTube videos of Father Zakaria Boutros’s programming. Until someone finds a technical work-around.


Unless SA is stricter than China I don’t think it will be much of a challenge.


This is sick. Now anyone who criticized the government can be silenced. :(:mad:


Good point. I’d forgotten that I read some years ago about how Chinese Internet users don’t have such a hard time accessing forbidden material online after all. :slight_smile:


Saudi Arabia is incredibly strict. Their government is a form of Wahhabi Islam which is the most extreme form of Islam there is. Osama Bin Ladin, the founder of Al Qaeda was a Wahhabi.



No kidding. I mean, sure, here in the US, we all wish there were better parental controls on YouTube (due to some of the content being borderline pornographic), but the strain of Islam in Saudi Arabia is seriously extreme. Due to this, anything religious posted that is not strictly Wahhabi Sunni Islam is to be banned - and anything else that endorses things that are banned under Sharia Law is to be banned, as well. Any news organization that criticizes the state of Saudi Arabia (in this case, generally Qatar’s al Jazeera) is to be banned. In addition, this also means that anyone caught going around the censors could face harsh penalties - possibly even death if it involves going around the censors to spread non-Islamic religions (like Christianity). Seriously, if the US didn’t rely on Saudi Arabia so much for oil, we would consider them a rogue state, much as we consider Iran.


Exactly! They’re not going to allow anything that goes against Wahhabi Islam. That much is for sure.


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