Saudi Arabia's call on UN to embrace Islamophobia as racism raises alarm for global religious freedom

While undoubtedly racism and prejudice are to be found on the internet, this seems a disingenuous call from the closed sharia kingdom, which promotes its own strict Wahhabi interpretation of Islam worldwide, where Christians and Jews are presented as enemies in school textbooks and jihad is encouraged as a means of spreading Islam. It remains a capital offence for a Muslim to convert to Christianity in Saudi Arabia.

I placed this in Catholic News because Catholics are impacted largely by this rising tsunami of injustice.

I sense the rising tsunami is approaching from a legal and spiritual direction.

The word racism has lost all meaning. Islam isn’t a race any more than catholic is. The UN is such a joke of an organization.

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I agree. The term ‘racism’ has been twisted and abused. The momentum of this abuse is contingent upon the results of the November Presidential election.

Exactly. Well said.

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…right on the heels of the take over of Hagia Sophia.

Babri Masjid 1992

The UN is a globalist organization that gives a platform for Muslims, petty tyrants, and cultural Marxists. It is long past time for patriots to deplatform them.


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