Saudi cleric offers $100K for Israel soldier kidnap
“I will pay a $100,000 prize to any Palestinian who takes an Israeli soldier captive, says Qarni.”* Link

:dts:How ironic is that, that cleric has over 70000 followers, and most of the comments in his page praising his idea!

I think Facebook should delete his page permanently, because such words from such high figure cleric does motivate the youths in the Islamic world…

All religions are the same?
Unfortunately, it is not true.
But people think so, including me. But the Pope warned against it with the brilliant sentence inn the beginning of the Pontificate against the Dictartorship of Relativism.

Islam is violent ans preaches the killing of non-Muslims. It is clearly stated ivarious videos in Youtube.

In a recently article about a Muslim Convert, he confessed that every Friday, they shout slogans against Christians and Jews.

Islam wants to be the unique religion of the world. So, sometimes we put the guilt of violence on the invividuals, like the suicide-bombers or Bin Ladan, but we forget the root of the problem: Islam.

When I read the Koran, I was surprised by the figure of Mohammed. I was expecting a prophet like the old Testament one or something vaguely resembling Jesus Christ but no. It came as a fighter, a captain of armies, a warrior.

No wonder they conquered in little time the north of Africa and almost conquered Europe being stopped by Carles Martel at Poitiers and later on in Wien. Tehy conquer and convert at the same time, no difference and have 100% of success: all become Muslims, those who do not want are killed.

They ae furious with the Christians ofr the Crusades but who started the war against the Christians were the Muslims. Again, the North of Africa was ll Chriistian.

So, it is a pity but I do not think that you can talk ecumenism with Muslims. For them, Ecumenism is worth only if we become Muslims, but that is not dialogue.

So, some atheists are against the war of Religions and put every religion on the same box, which is not true.

There is hope? Yes, I am very much hopeful with the Arab Spring. But … but … Islam must convert itself otherwise all talk of democracy is empty.

Example: Lybia, which was helped by the west to get rid of Kadafi, now talks about Sharyia Justice. Bad beginning. Sharyia means you must Muslim to be a Lybia citizen. Otherwise…you are in trouble…

So we finish with the begining: unless clerics and Imams convert their reading of islam, no peace is possible.

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