Saudi extends detention of women drivers


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Two Saudi women detained nearly a week ago for violating the kingdom’s female driving ban were ordered held for 25 more days on Sunday, a relative told The Associated Press.

The women, who were arrested Dec. 1 after driving into Saudi Arabia from the United Arab Emirates, are supporters of a grassroots campaign launched last year to oppose the ban. The two women have a combined Twitter following of more than 355,000.

Organizers behind the Oct. 26 campaign say the ban on women driving underpins wider issues regarding guardianship laws in Saudi Arabia that give men powerful sway over women’s lives.;_ylt=AwrBJR9FiIRUTX0AvhfQtDMD


Why does the Obama administration talk about women’s rights while supporting Saudi Arabia?


We’re the same in the UK. Our Royal Family seem to be their best pals.


There are many photos showing George W Bush walking arm in arm with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah as well.

One word: oil.


I hope the women will be okay.


But the difference is that Bush didn’t claim to be the #1 champion of women’s rights the way Obama does. So I think the one word should be hypocrisy.


There is a big lesson here kiddies: Women are enslaved by those of mideastern/desert countries. If you are women and do not live under those conditions (and do not want to)
DO NOT go there! Do not walk, drive, fly or swim there! How many young women thought they were marrying a loving man and accompanied him to his homeland to “meet the fam” and were never again allowed freedom; guaranteed if they had a child.


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