Saudi-led strike kills dozens of children in Yemen


Dozens of children on a summer school field trip in Yemen were killed by a Saudi-led airstrike on a bus in Yemen. I don’t understand why the Americans continue to support the Saudi coalition.


All of this is from Houthi rebel sources. Apparently there was an airstrike in retaliation for Houthi missile strike into Saudi Arabia. Whether any of the Houthi information is true is hard to know at best, doubtful at worst.

The Houthi rebels are Iranian proxies, and that’s why the U.S. is supporting the Saudi coalition against them.
No mysteries to any of it.


Yea, I would take any reports coming out of the Middle East from partisan sources. It is common for one side to commit some terrible act and blame it on the other.


We have no business supporting the Saudis. An oppressive nation as any in the world. The US supports them for economic and military reasons, not humanitarian. Who is kidding who.They are no better than the Iranians and probably worse in regard to human rights.


That is why properly functioning nation states support each other, because they have common interests and/or common enemies. It’s why the US supported the Soviet Union during WW2, and before that, why the Soviet Union aligned with Nazi Germany.


Another day, another war crime defended because it matches up with American imperial priorities. Normal thing to log on and defend bombing schoolchildren.


Incredibly sad and disgusting. This is where American taxes go?


Canada has begun to speak out against their oppression. Will America follow the lead of Canada and do the same?


I doubt it. Saudi Arabia, under their new Crown Prince, is moving in a more free direction with women being given the right to drive and the religious police having their power reduced. The US stopping it’s support of the Saudi regime would likely result in the House of Saud falling and being replaced by a regime more closely resembling the Taliban, which would be much worse for everyone.


An immoral argument in support of the child-killing if ever I saw one - based on speculation of what would happen if the US stopped supporting atrocities.


People die in war, including children. The Houthi regime in Yemen is objectively worse than the current Saudi regime.

Adults have to speculate about possible outcomes to proposed actions and judge if a better or worse outcome is the likely result. They can’t just assume the best. Children, on the other hand, can scream and stamp their feet, and yell “IT’S NOT FAIR!!!”.


Unless, of course, they’ve been vaporized by an American-made bomb while on a school trip. Or starved. Or died of cholera.



This is a thread about children being bombed to death?

God forgive us.


You are assuming those photos are what they’re represented to be. :For all we know, they’re from a bombing raid by Assad in Syria in 2017. The Houthis are an agency of Iran. I would not believe anything the Mullahs say.


Still an immoral argument supporting an immoral act.

According to Catholic morality, speculation on proposed outcomes does not justify immoral acts.


Are you then willing to specify that if these photos do turn out to be exactly what they are represented to be, that you will agree to call for a serious reconsideration of our support for the Saudis in their present military efforts?


As tough as this assessment is, I agree with it. While I support the Canadian government’s stand, the fact is we Canucks have very little skin in the game. Geopolitically speaking, the fall of the Saudi regime would be a disaster. At some point foreign policy has to enter the realm of Realpolitik, and the situation here is that no matter how odious the Saudi government may be at times, keeping those oil fields in the hands of a friendly regime has to take precedence.


What number of school groups need to be bombed before our priorities change?


Yes. I don’t see any justification to target and kill children.



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