Saudi oil well dries up by 2030, will affect Islam.

That is somehow will affect the spread of Islam, since the Saudi support for building mosques abroad, the financial support for the Islamic TV channels broadcasting on many satellites, and printing and distributing free copies of Qurans will cease.

I think this is a good thing. Of course the wealth that Saudi Arabia gets from its oil helps it to fund the spread of Islam. And if its wealth decreases that will decrease its ability to fund the spread of Islam which will be a good thing. If funding for the spread of Islam decreases then the spread of Islam itself will decrease which will give Christianity more of a chance to spread.

World’s Highest Oil Production is SA with Russia and he US close behind. I imagine it would have a world wide impact, not just with Islam.

The United States produces more nuclear-generated electricity than any other country, nearly 1/3 of the world’s total. Solar has become utilized here, perhaps not as much as it should have. The United States produces half of its electricity from coal. China uses coal to generate more than three-fourths of its electricity. Australia, Poland, and South Africa produce an even greater percentage. Overall, coal makes up 2/5 of the world’s electricity generation

Countries with the largest oil reserve?

Percentage of Reserves…

Saudi Arabia










United Arab Emirates








Facts on world wide energy from here…

How will this effect the funding of terror cells? I think SA and Iran are two of the biggest financers. Who exactly funds them if not these countries?

Oh I believe your right, that is how they are funded, as to the future we’ll have to see.

You see folks Hummers and big gas-guzzling SUV’s truly are patriotic! :thumbsup:

The quicker we dry up the wells, the less money SA will make from inflated prices.


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